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Anti-Haul August 2017

A lot of people do “Anti-Hauls” on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar with these, these are videos where people talk about what they aren’t buying. With so many launches, I love the premise of this. It gives us a reason to talk about what’s new without actually participating in this makeup economy of “BUT THIS LIMITED EDITION THING!”. Here’s my version, sans video. Here’s my additional comments¹.

There were a lot of launches in August. Not many tempted me. The ones that did sold out in 5 seconds. Now September, this is when all the brands leak their holiday collections. There’s been so much buzz, I can’t keep up!

Here’s some things that have launched or will be launching soon that have been receiving hype in the Beauty World:

Benefit Punch Pop

Benefit Punch Pop! Liquid Lip Color

I can’t remember the last time Benefit tempted me with any of its product launches. I don’t know if I have grown or they have. These are full-coverage glosses. They’re calling them “liquid lip colors”. They technically are, but these days that brings to mind crusty, matte finishes. This is instead, super glossy. Anyway, I’m not tempted by these. I don’t like the marketing or the packaging (at this price point). I feel like I can easily find stuff like this (glosses with artificial fruit smells) at a drugstore. HOWEVER, I do like that glossy lips are back. I’m so sick of matte liquid lipsticks. | Swatches

Too Faced I Want Kandee

Too Faced I Want Kandee Collection

Here’s another influencer collab. This one is with Kandee Johnson (honestly, didn’t know who she was. I thought this was a drag queen name tbh.). Anyway, there’s an eyeshadow palette. Too Faced’s eyeshadows are garbage. Pass. There’s a setting powder that smells like bananas. Gag. There’s a pretty highlighting stick that I can probably get from NYX for cheaper. There’s 4 shades of matte liquid lipsticks. The shades are pretty but not really anything new. There’s also an eyeliner that smells like licorice. Why? | Swatches

Bite Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick

I’m a fan of Bite Beauty but I can pass on these. The formula looks great. It has a satin finish. The shade range looks great. But, here’s the deal. I’d rather use a lipstick in a tube and add a gloss/balm to achieve this finish. The life span of a liquid lipstick is short. I don’t like spending too much on them, blah, blah, blah. | Swatches


MAC RollerWheel Liner

MAC Rollerwheel Liquid Liner

I must admit that I was tempted by this because I’m not immune to a gimmick. But, the more reviews that I watch, the more I realize I don’t need this added complexity into my life. I guess you could use to using this macro pizza cutter, but why should I? I like my brushes and felt-tips. I guess it could be cool for editorial looks but that’s not my lifestyle. | Swatches

Sugarpill Ghosted

Sugarpill Ghosted Eyeshadow/Highlighter

I’m sure it’s cool and all. And I like to support indie brands, but this is a pass. I don’t see myself using this at all even though it’s a multi-purpose product (lips, eyes, face). I’m too boring. | Swatches


Sephora Moschino Collection

Sephora Moschino Collection

This is an adorable collab, especially if you are into Jeremy Scott or Moschino. But, being a Sephora brand, I’m skeptical of quality at this price point. I was very tempted by a few items. But, I resisted. A lot of that resistance had to do with them selling out, but I did realize I already have stuff like this and this would be me 100% buying for the packaging. And I’m trying to cut that sort of behavior out of my life. | More info

Elizabeth & James perfumes 2017

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Amethyst and Nirvana French Grey

Elizabeth & James has great perfumes for their price. I quickly sniffed these (a real review is planned in the future). I like them. Right now I’m leaning towards Amethyst (honeysuckle blonde tobacco). French Grey is OK. It’s a sharp neroli/lavender. There are better offerings out there, but it’s not bad. I need to spend more time with it before making any final judgements. | Review

MAC Taraji Viva Glam 2

MAC Viva Glam Tariji P. Henson Viva Glam Part 2 (Launches in September)

I’m 100% feeling this disco bronze duo. | Swatches

L'Oreal Balmain Collection

L’Oreal x Balmain Lipstick Collection (Launches September 20th)

Ugh, look at these. I want all 12 of them. The packaging is pretty and some of the colors got me needing an oxygen mask because I’m gasping. I bet I won’t get my hands on them though. I think they’re only available at Balmain boutiques and Barney’s. People would probably fight me for them. | More info

Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Beauty Book

Kevyn Aucoin Making Faces Beauty Book

This is one of those things I know I don’t need but it’s cute. Kevyn Aucoin was such an inspiration for me. Ex-Southerner that loved makeup. I had all of his books and engulfed myself in the fantasy. He was inspiration to get out. Anyway, Making Faces changed my life. So, seeing a set like this gives me warm and fuzzy feelings. Do I need it? No. I should probably just buy all of his books again (I gave them to my sisters). But, ugh, this is cute. | Swatches

So, what do you think? What are your anti-hauls? What are your newly launched temptations? Any makeup/fragrance rants?

¹ Oh, and here I am quoted in The Outline. I’m sure not fighting capitalism talking about luxury consumer products so that’s an overstatement. But, I feel like these make me a more conscious consumer and evaluate what I want, own and what gives me joy.

*Benefit pic from PopSugar. Too Faced from Glamour. Sephora x Moschino from Musings of a Muse. Elizabeth & James from Basenotes. L’Oreal x Balmain set from InStyle. Kevyn Aucoin from Sephora MAC, Sugarpill from the brand. Sephora and Nordstrom contain affiliate links. Thanks!