Anti-Haul April 2017

A lot of people do “Anti-Hauls” on Youtube. If you aren’t familiar with these, these are videos where people talk about what they aren’t buying. With so many launches, I love the premise of this. It gives us a reason to talk about what’s new without actually participating in this makeup economy of “BUT THIS LIMITED EDITION THING!”. Here’s my version, sans video. Here’s my additional comments¹. 

It’s prime “Summer Collection” time so I have a lot of new things to discuss. Too many new things to discuss!

Here’s some things that have launched or will be launching soon that have been receiving hype in the Beauty World.

Paul & Joe Makeup Set

Paul & Joe Limited Edition 15th Anniversary Makeup Collection

This is absolutely adorable. But, there is absolutely no way that I could disrespect all these cute little kitties like that. I don’t need makeup that I won’t use and there is no way I could I use this.  I refuse to wreck their wittle, wittle faces. (Additional product photos here).

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean

Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

I’m not feeling any of this. Pass. (Swatches here).

Becca x Chrissy Teigen


Becca x Chrissy Teagen Palette

This is really pretty but I don’t need it. I think it’s best suited for medium complexions that want to glow (Chrissy, J.Lo and other breathtakingly beautiful people). Also, I hear a lot of people saying this one looks like some influencer’s palette. To be honest, I think all of these sort of palettes look alike: bronzer, golden glow and something peachy. Funny thing about making pretty makeup that’s meant to be used daily…you’re going to get a lot of “overlap”. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? (Swatches here).


Lime Crime Milf Set


Lime Crime M$LF Velvetines Set

Double Jeopardy – What is hell to the nah, Alex? (Dupes here).


MAC Fruity Juicy

MAC Fruity Juicy Collection (Launches May 18th)

As far as packaging goes, I think this is a gorgeous collection. It’s tropical chiaroscuro. But, when it comes to colors. I really don’t need any of this. I keep telling myself this over and over because I do like the eyeshadow palettes. I probably have colors just like them that I rarely ever use!  Also, the Prep + Prime Spray is adorable. (More swatches here).

Ofra Nikkie Tutorials


OFRA x NikkieTutorials Collection

I’ll pass even though I couldn’t get my hands on it if I wanted it. I’ve heard this sold out in a blink of an eye. I really have no criticism of these shades. I’m over the all metallic everything but that is sort of Nikkie’s thing. For me, I look best with metallic lip paired with matte face/eyes or metallic face with matte lips. But, there’s no rule saying I have to wear these products together! I just don’t want the shades because I already have stuff like it.(Swatches here).



Pat McGrath Dark Star

Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 in Ultraviolet Blue

Ugh, I absolutely don’t want to spend this much on makeup. BUT, it’s so breathtakingly gorgeous. I haven’t really seen any makeup in a long time that had me just like, stunned. This reminds me of how fun and expressive makeup can be. It’s just so editorial and filled with attitude. Soooo tempting. (Swatches here).

Malle Superstitious

Malle x Alber Elbaz Superstitious EDP

I have tried this a few times and absolutely love it. It’s the sort of vintage-y but totally modern thing I’m attracted to. It’s a modern take on excessive aldehydes, florals and a skanky base. It’s so good. When I’m not wearing it, I’m wishing that I were wearing it.

D.S. & Durga Candle



D.S. & Durga Tomb of the Eagles Candle

I have no idea what this copy is trying to tell me but it’s supposed to smell like bones and cicely blossoms. Sooo…I probably want to smell like ancient Scottish burial grounds, right? Anyone tried this so you can talk me out of this? I absolutely don’t need another candle.


Juvia's Place Blush Palettes

Juvia’s Place Saharan Blush Palettes (Launching May 10th)

Visually, I’m really attracted to these. The colors play nicely together. After seeing Blush Palette Volume #2 worn on my friend’s face, I went home and ordered it.  (Swatches here).

Maison Francis Kurdkjan body Oil

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Body Oils

I love body oils, especially ones made by fancy perfume brands. Bath and body products are a weakness of mine. I’m one of those perfume people that genuinely gets excited to see ancillary products launched by perfume houses. Anyway, I’ve tried these and the hair perfumes in person. Aqua Universalis is disappointing and doesn’t smell like the perfume. However,  Amyris Femme and À la Rose smell like their perfume. I ended up buying Amyris Femme. I actually think it’s a good sub for the perfume and the oil base is really nice.

So, what do you think? What are your anti-hauls? What are your newly launched temptations? Any makeup/fragrance rants? Now is the time to let it all out!

¹ Oh, and here I am quoted in The Outline. I’m sure not fighting capitalism talking about luxury consumer products so that’s an overstatement. But, I feel like these make me a more conscious consumer and evaluate what I want, own and what gives me joy.

*Beautyhabit, Sephora contains affiliate links. Thanks. Paul & Joe, D.S. & Durga pics from Beautyhabit. Lorac from PopSugar.  Becca, Lime Crime, OFRA, Juvia’s Place and MFK from their brand. MAC is from Nylon. Pat McGrath from Sephora. Malle from Fragrantica.

8 thoughts on “Anti-Haul April 2017

  1. The Pat McGrath is to die for. I’m still figuring out how to use it without looking like a raccoon, but that BLUE, THOUGH. I would say find a Sephora in NYC who has it in-store and check it out there. I don’t have the luxury after moving out of the city (sob), so I bought blind. Still wouldn’t return it. I collect all the Pat things.

    1. I really should update…I did get this for my birthday. I saw it in person at the Sephora near Union Square. The brown one had no real impact on me but that BLUE! Anyway, I guess I must have talked about it for the entire dinner (and didn’t even bother to wash the blue shadow swatch from my arm, lol). Friends ended up getting it for me 🙂

      Pat and Kevyn were my super idols in high school. I can’t resist.

  2. That Pat McGrath kit has me sitting on my hands to not hand over my money. Also, those Paul & Joe kitties are so cute! But you are right, how can you destroy them by using them?

    Everything else I can pass on as well.

    1. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have ended up with it on my own. It’s really pricey. I do think most of the products could be duped with pro products from brands like Mehron or Kryolan. But, that isn’t as exciting 🙂

      The kitties are just too cute. I wouldn’t want to squish them! It’s a cute set. And not a bad price considering their usual price range.

    1. I find it extremely tasteless – (No offense to anyone that may like it! I’m a grad student at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health…it’s my duty to hate glamorization of tobacco usage! And also, I just don’t *get* the relationship between all its different elements.)
      Anyway…I have’t even read the names of the lip colors in the Lime Crime set because I had a feeling they’d get on my nerves. Watch them actually just be called boring stuff like “Beige” and “Mauve”, lol.

      Super sensational. Who knew that the only thing that has kept capitalism going all these years is buying tubes of lipstick? But, yeah, totally. They aren’t the same even if they have a relationship. But, that just wouldn’t make such a clickable title, I guess.

  3. Temptation but Anti-Haul: the Becca x Chrissy T. palette. So pretty! The colors would suit my complexion very well, but it’s also extremely dup-able. Plus highlighters have an approximate half life of 75 years for me… so… it’s also just ridiculous.

    Temptation Not Avoided: 1oz bottle of E&J Nirvana Bourbon. Rollerball is half empty and it’s one of my favorite bottle designs ever, said my greedy half. I already own 3 FBs of similar vanilla scents, said my reasonable half.

    Temptation: anything at Ulta? A new branch opened up in West Seattle… 7 minute drive from my house! Curses! Habits are hard to break. Sigh.

    1. Hahaha, truly no words truer spoken. Highlighters DO HAVE a half-life of at least 75 years. It really is a gorgeous palette and I’m sure the quality is tops.

      Don’t come here expecting me to talk you out of Nirvana Bourbon 😉

      I’m so happy I don’t live near an Ulta. They take all my money. Their selection over the years have surpassed Sephora imo. I like that I can pick up cheaper stuff as well as more expensive stuff. PLUS they run a lot of great sales.

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