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Anthousa Orchard Trio Home Ambiance Fragrance Review

Anthousa Orchard Home Ambiance Gift Set

Anthousa Orchard Home Ambiance Fragrance Trio contains 3 home fragrance diffusers in fresh, fruity fragrances. This gift set includes the following home scents:

Nectarine & Red Currant: Nectarine & Red Currant is a fruity, tart home fragrance. It smells like fuzzy, juicy peaches and tangy red currants. There’s a floralness to this fragrance, “generic” floral because of the mix of added woods. This is a bit of a “hissy”, energetic fragrance. This home fragrance reminds me of something from Victoria’s Secret Garden Collection, a mix of Love Spell and Pure Seduction. I’m not a fan of these types of fruity-florals so I wouldn’t want this in my house. But, I can really see many people liking this. It smells very energetic and carefree.

Aqua Verbena: Aqua Verbena is a zesty, refreshing citrus home fragrance. This really smells like fresh lemon verbena. I percieve this as a very “clean” fragrance because I associate lemon verbena with home cleansing products and soaps. Aqua Verbena is like a fine lemon verbena soap. This home fragrance has “aquatic” notes. This really makes Aqua Verbena more soap-like, fresh, and clean. I think this is a nice home fragrance for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, study…I personally wouldn’t have this energizing fragrance in the bedroom. But, it is a beautiful clean scent for any other room of the house.

Cucumber & Green Grass: Cucumber & Green Grass is my favorite scent featured in this Orchard Trio. It’s a fresh green fragrance. It really does smell like fruity, watery cucumber and freshly cut green grass (think Demeter Grass). There is watery melon in this home fragrance and it plays very nicely with natural fruitiness of cucumber. I also get lily of valley in Cucumber & Green Grass. This is a pretty home fragrance. It reminds me of an early spring day with dew on wild lilies. I really like this fragrance for any room of the house.

Anthousa Orchard Home Ambiance Trio retails for $85. Each bottle is demi sized, lasting about 3 months. (Demi sized bottles retail for $68 each, this is a good deal).  This gift set is available at Anthousa’s online boutique and Candles Off Main.

*Disclaimer- Samples of these scents were provided by Anthousa. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.

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