We Three Kings Perfume Blogging Project

We Three Kings Perfume Blogging Event

I’m happy to announce that I’m participating in a Magi-cal perfume blogging project, “We Three Kings”. “We Three Kings” takes place next week, December 19th – the 25th. Each perfume blogger will be reviewing a perfume that they chose to represent the Magi’s gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

I can’t wait to see every blogger’s choice and read their reviews. We all offer so many different perspectives. We have diverse backgrounds but are united by perfume. Oh, the power of frankincense 🙂

I ask you to visit EauMG & the following smell-a-tastic blogs next week, December 19th-25th:

All I Am – A Redhead

Bonkers About Perfume

Chicken Freak’s Obsession

My Perfume Life

Notes From Josephine


Redolent of Spices

Scent of the Day

The Perfume Chronicles

*Three Kings Icon © Megan Ruisch

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