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Announcing the Tauer Advent Calender Winner!

vintage advent calender

I want to thank everyone that entered into the Tauer Advent Calender draw hosted by EauMG. There were many entries and I’m happy how the perfume community was brought together by Tauer’s generous giveaway. Reading through all of your December scent memory comments brought me so much joy! It was great to reminiscence with all of you. I actually learned many things too:

  • I learned so much about different holiday traditions around the globe.
  • I learned that even though we all live in different places, grew up in different places, have different customs, that our memories really aren’t all that different. Cookies and grandma’s love are universal 🙂
  • I also learned that you guys are amazing writers and that perfume people can describe scents and aromas better than 99% of best selling authors. This makes me want to have contributors on EauMG in 2015 🙂

If you haven’t read through the comments, it’s worth reading through. There are many common themes: spices, baked goods and evergreens. But, the memories were all unique and personal. I dare you to read through the comments and not smile!

OK, so let’s see who the winner is…Rafflecopter randomly chose…Tanya! Congrats! Check out your inbox for an email from me.

And to all of those that entered, you still have a chance to win! There are other perfume blogs participating in the Tauer Advent Calender and you can find all the info here. 

Thank you again and have a great December!


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2 thoughts on “Announcing the Tauer Advent Calender Winner!

  1. So many fabulous scent memories, they were a treat to read! I would love to see a few guest posts in 2015, there are so many lovely writers among the commenters on EauMG <3

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