Annick Goutal Vetiver EDT Cologne Review

Annick Goutal Vetiver

It may surprise some people because not many perfume lovers declare this, but I love aquatics. Now before you start judging me, give me a chance. I don’t love melon/cucumbers that verge into household cleaner territory. I love salty, mineral scents that remind me of the sea. Unfortunately, the 90’s ruined this “ocean” genre of perfume for most people. But, I promise, there are some really great ocean inspired perfumes out there and Annick Goutal Vetiver is one of them.

Vetiver is well, vetiver with brine. The opening has a fog of “ozone” like fresh cucumber with a smoky vetiver and seaweed washed upon shore. It’s a dry vetiver that is rather linear. It really does remind me of a cool sea, driftwood, beach pebbles and seaweed. Of course, a cleaner, more perfume-y version but still salty and oceanic.


Enid Munick

Notes listed include: Java vetiver, rare woods, Burmese spices, and maritime “hint”. Launch date 1985.

Give Vetiver a try if you like salty or vetiver scents. Or if you like perfumes like The Different Company Sel de Vetiver, HEELEY Sel Marin, Anu Essentials Sea Scape, CB I Hate Perfume Mr. Hulot’s Holiday and/or Escentric Molecules Escentric 02. Vetiver is unisex. It’s a light scent so I prefer it in humidity or on warmer days.

Projection and longevity are below average.

The 6.8 oz bottle retails for $175 at Nordstrom. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONVetiver and brine. I’ve always found solace in the sea and it sounds cheesy, but Vetiver is like serenity in a bottle.

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*Sample purchased by me. Product pic from Nordstrom. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Vetiver EDT Cologne Review

  1. You describe Vetiver Cologne perfectly Victoria. I have smelled it and it is a perfect scent for someone looking for an oceanic, not marine, scent. It is not exactly the same as the Vetiver eau de toilette that I have warn and reviewed. Vetiver Cologne was launched two or three years ago and it offers a toned down, more palatable version of the iodine/ seaweed note of the older edt.

    1. Yeah, I have the older EDT and a sample of the cologne. The cologne is exactly as you state, more palatable version. It’s not totally different, but it does lack that bolder saltiness of the EDT. I was actually expected the cologne to be completely different but thank goodness, it isn’t.

  2. This sounds great. I’ve only smelled the edt version but I need to get a sample of the cologne. Vetiver is such a versatile note depending on what perfumers pair it with. Give me a briny sharp aquatic any day.

    1. I absolutely love vetiver for its versatility (same with rose).

      Oh, yeah, people dissing aquatics haven’t sniffed stuff like this yet 🙂

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