Annick Goutal Tubereuse EDP Perfume Review

Annick Goutal Tubereuse EDP Review

There aren’t many reviews on-line to be found of Annick Goutal Tubéreuse. Why? Because there isn’t much to say. Don’t take me wrong. Tubéreuse is not bad. It’s white floral gorgeousness in a bottle. Annick Goutal Tubéreuse is a soliflore. It’s big ‘ole raw tuberose.

There’s nothing creative to Tubéreuse other than the complexity that nature gave to this luscious flower. Tubéreuse is a big floral, heady, sweet, but not too sweet. It’s “hay” sweet. It’s warm. The “top” is my favorite part. Oh, and it’s brash and abrupt like a tuberose should be 🙂 Tubéreuse is waxy, so waxy at times that it reminds me of a candle, a really beautiful candle. The heart is tuberose, less heady but still heady. The base is a sweeter, more coconut-like tuberose with a little bit of green. Tubéreuse is tuberose. For an EDP, it doesn’t wear very long, like 4-5 hours on me.

Pierre-Joseph Redoute

I joke that AG Tubéreuse is brash, but all tuberose fragrances are. In comparision to others, Annick Goutal’s is much easier to wear becuase it isn’t sooo sweet and it isn’t laced with indoles. I still prefer to dab it, especially in warmer weather.

Notes listed: absolute of Grasse tuberose

Try Annick Goutal Tubereuse if you are looking for a superb tuberose soliflore or if you like fragrances like DSH Perfumes Tubereuse, Frederic Malle Carnal Flower, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Annick Goutal Passion, Juicy Couture (original), and/or Carolina Herrera (original).

The 1.7 oz EDP of Tubéreuse retails for $165. It is available at Lucky Scent.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – For years, I have contemplated purchasing a bottle of this. It’s beautiful. But, after years of sniffing and sniffing, I’m happy that I didn’t purchase. I find that I like my tuberose mixed with other notes. I actually prefer Annick Goutal Passion (which I own). I’m not really a fan of soliflores. I don’t want to pay for incomplete perfumes 😉 I find myself thinking “Man, AG Tubéreuse would be really good if they bothered to mix it with something else”.

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Product picture is from Luckyscent. White Tuberose is by Pierre-Joseph Redoute.
Victoria’s Final EauPINION is new, based on request…It’s basically a feature to say if I would add a juice to my collection.

13 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Tubereuse EDP Perfume Review

    1. It is! Most AGs are gone in what, 1 hour? This is an EDP, so that’s why it is more expensive and “longer lasting”.

  1. I had never heard about this tubereuse perfume, maybe I lack somewhat knowledge in this field of perfume, but anyhow, I will check this out in market and will give a try. Going through your review, it looks to me something different than what I normally use.
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    1. I know what you mean. This is good, but I feel it needs to be in something. It seems incomplete, but to be fair, I’ve been really about complex scents for the past few years.

      I love tuberose. But, I love it in things. And even then, it’s an every “now and then” fragrance for me.

      Oh, soliflores. I just don’t “get” them.

      1. My understanding of a soliflore is usually that it’s a perfume, complete with many notes, but that the main impression it gives is of one flower. In the case of Annick Goutal Tubereuse, it’s barely even a soliflore. It’s literally tuberose absolute diluted in alcohol. You could buy 5ml of the absolute for about 95 dollars, dilute tiny scoops of it in 190 proof grain alcohol, and you’d have a lifetime supply of this perfume!

  2. I guess I should also add that there are TINY bits of non-tuberose absolute ingredients in this that i can detect. Maybe some clove? I’m not sure. But it is a VERY minimalist composition. There are so many tuberose soliflores that are very complex – L’artisan’s discontinued one, MPG, Miller Harris which also adds heliotrope, Carnal Flower which adds coconut and white musk, etc.

      1. Carnal Flower is definitely elegant and beautiful and unexpected (the bitter green absolute contrasting with the sweet sheer musky base). My favorite is L’artisan Tubereuse. It’s a little over the top like a tuberose should be. Smells like the color magenta!

        1. Confession – I’ve yet to try L’Artisan’s Tubereuse :S Until about 8 months ago, I thought I disliked tuberose perfumes! It’s time for me to make up for lost time.

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