Annick Goutal Musc Nomade EDP Fragrance Review

This is the 4th essence in the Les Or*entalistes collection. The cool thing about this scent is that it lacks “top notes”. It also doesn’t get its muskiness from direct animal sources. Lately, I’ve been smitten by musky ambrette seed and other “musk” plant sources. I’ve been craving “soft” scents. Musc Nomade is the ultimate soft musk scent. It is my favorite “soft musk” perfume.

Musc Goutal is beautiful. Throughout the wear it smells of a “dry-down”. It wears softly and closely to the skin. I like musk scents because of the way they attach themselves to the wearer. I like all types of “animalic” musk but I can’t help but to love clean, white musks. White musks (and floral-musks) are so easy to wear and I love how they “take” to my chemistry. Musc Nomade is one of those scents that wears nicely on me…but it isn’t too clean. It is so soft, comforting, and dare I say, cuddley. Musc Nomade is the ultimate sweater fragrance with just enough sensuality. It opens up as soft and musky. It’s slightly spicy because of angelica root. It’s more of a resinous spice than like a foody spice . The dry-down, even though there isn’t such a thing, is so soft. It’s like “butt-ah”. Ambrette is such a creamy and smooth musk. This mixes with the toastiness of tonka. It almost adds a vanilla note but it is distinctively tonka.It’s a comforting “soul food” of musks.

Notes listed include muscone (synthetic musk based on that from the musk deer), white musk stemming from angelica root and ambrette seed, tonka beans, labdanum, and Bombay woods.

Jean-Leon Gerome Arabs Crossing the Desert
Jean-Léon Gérôme Arabs Crossing the Desert

This scent is classified as unisex. I find that it wears very feminine on me. The scents in this series are designed to be layered. I haven’t been bold  enough to do this yet. I actually go to this one when I want a no-fuss kind of scent, when I want something classy but not complicated. But, I do see Musc Nomade layering nicely with rose florals or woodsy scents.

Give this a try if you like white musk scents or if you like scents such as The Body Shop White Musk Perfume Oil, Tom Ford Private Blend Musk Pure EDP, Le Labo Ambrette EDP, Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, Escentric Molecules Eccentric 02 EDP, but mainly if you like ambrette musk scents.

The 1.7 oz. retails for $135 and the 3.4 oz for $175. Annick Goutal Musc Nomade is available at Lucky Scent and Harrods (UK). I used to see Musc Nomade on discount sites. Of course, after deciding that I want a bottle so badly, I haven’t seen them on discount sites like But, I’m not giving up yet 🙂 I keep checking.

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13 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Musc Nomade EDP Fragrance Review

    1. Isn’t it beautiful?
      People tell me that it wears floral on them, but it is much more tonka heavy on me. My skin tends to eat those “delicate” florals. I do pick up on a small bit, though.

    1. You’re not the only person that I have heard say this. Musks are tricky. When I first started sampling the Tom Ford White Musk Collection, I couldn’t smell half of them. But, then I would try again later and pick up on them! How strange!

    1. I seem to really like Annick Goutal perfumes. Even if I wouldn’t wear or own a bottle, I can still appreciate them. I was really surprised that the house could do musk so well. Musc Nomade has that certain AG quality. It’s soft and easy to wear. It’s cuddly and sensual but too sexy. It could be worn daily.

    1. LOL, I have always thought that about Annick Goutal bottles. The “fancy” one is for girls and the larger, more expensive square bottle is for guys. But, I still find that square bottle feminine! And what if a more masculine person wants a smaller size? Then they have to get the one with the bow!
      This is my favorite soft musk that I have ever tried. It’s one that I like so much that why would I bother with any other white musk?

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