Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille Perfume Review

Annick Goutal Chevrefeuille review

Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille EDT is one of my favorite honeysuckle perfumes. It smells like the real deal. It reminds me of lazy Southern summers when it is just too hot to do anything but sit on the porch complaining and drinking iced tea. Le Chevrefeuille is a simple scent. It’s a soliflore. It’s honeysuckle. It’s uncomplicated…and that is why I love it.

This is a dewy green honeysuckle. It’s a bit wet and green at initial spritz. If you’ve sniffed honeysuckle before than you immediately identify Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille as a honeysuckle fragrance. The dry-down is floral and fresh. I do pick up faint traces of jasmine mixed with the sweet honeysuckle. Le Chevrefeuille  doesn’t progress much. Sometimes I notice it being a “greener” floral. It’s a floral with sweetness and wetness. It’s carefree and joyous.

I think that the lasting power is good for an EDT and a honeysuckle scent at that. Most honeysuckle fragrances are so “heady” that they evaporate very quickly. I can smell traces of Le Chevrefeuille on me 5 hours after initial spritz in the summer. Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille is such a good honeysuckle perfume that there is no reason to even try anything else. I’m serious. If I could only have one honeysuckle scent forever, this Annick Goutal would be it. It’s super feminine, light, and carefree. It is a wonderful floral fragrance for spring and summer.

Notes listed include: honeysuckle, wild narcissus, petit grain, fresh green notes, jasmine

Give Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille a try if you are looking for a “real” honeysuckle perfume or if you like fragrances such as Jo Malone Honeysuckle & Jasmine Cologne, Sage Citrine Perfume Oil, Melissa Flagg Clementine and/or Santa Maria Novella Caprifoglio. There was also a discontinued Cynthia Rowley perfume that reminds me of Le Chevrefeuille.

The 3.4 oz EDT retails for $128 at Annick Goutal. 

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*Sample obtained by me. Product pic from the brand. 

10 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Le Chevrefeuille Perfume Review

    1. This is such a flirty soliflore, the perfect spring floral.
      I used to think that I didn’t like AG, but I find that I like the simplified stuff such as the Ancens and soliflores. AG does have a certain quality. It’s difficult to explain but I know when I sniff an AG. I see them as fragrances for the wearer not to impress those around the wearer.

  1. I love honeysuckle, such a bright and sweet smell. I think this is the honeysuckle I have on my test list. I might have to put it off until next Spring as I can’t imagine putting honeysuckle on this time of year.

    Suddenly I’m so uptight about seasons and perfumes!

    1. I totally understand. I think one gets even more “uptight” about seasons and fragrance if they live in a climate with seasons! I never “got” summer perfumes when I lived in a place with air conditioning. I moved and I totally understood the power of cologne.
      I’ve been meaning to publish this since spring! I’m just now getting around to it, but hey, it’s spring somewhere, right?

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