Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte EDT Fragrance Review

Annick Goutal created Eau de Charlotte for her step-daughter, Charlotte. It’s meant to be jammy, “young” and casual. But, I don’t know what it is supposed to be on my skin.

Eau De Charlotte smells so weird on me.  I hate to say it, in fact, I can’t believe I’m going to say it, but I’m reminded of bug spray. This is in the opening. I get something herbal and lavender like even though it isn’t listed. Luckily, the bitter “bug spray” fades and I’m left with this really sweet and waxy perfume. Maybe it’s mimosa? The lilies are there and they smell a little sad (read that as “funeral parlor”). I get beeswax candles, vanilla talc, and kitty pee (this is the blackcurrant). It really makes me feel gross. Eventually, I’m left with a fruity-rose talcum powder with vanilla that verges on OK but still seems like it is covering up a pet stain. Saying all of this, Eau de Charlotte was launched in 1982. It is unlike any other fragrance from that time (and really this time).

Dorothy Provine

Every time I say, “I love Annick Goutal”, there are 3 other people in the room that say “I can’t wear Annick Goutal.” These people never say anything negative about Annick Goutal. They just say “I can’t wear Annick Goutal”. And now I get what they are saying. I respect this fragrance. I think it could smell good on some people. But, I can’t wear it. It smells great on a strip and smells horrendous on me. In a way, I’m relieved. I’ve finally found an Annick Goutal that “I can’t wear” and now I feel like I’m in the cool kids’ perfume club.

I don’t get any jam. And no milk. And no cocoa. I just get a mess. If you’ve tried Eau de Charlotte, does it work on you?

Notes listed include lily, blackcurrant buds, mimosa, cocoa, and vanilla.

Try Eau de Charlotte before buying. I don’t advise buying unsniffed, but I really advise that you avoid buying this one unsniffed. It’s a chameleon. And it can be a beautiful chameleon or a terrifyingly gruesome chameleon.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $120 and is available at Nordstrom. You can also find it at discounters like Fragrancenet and I’m reviewing the EDT. I’ve found with the Annick Goutals that I always like the EDPs better.

Victoria’s Final EauPINION – An herbal green powdery fruity-floral with a strange blackcurrant and vanilla sweetness. I can’t wear it.

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5 thoughts on “Annick Goutal Eau de Charlotte EDT Fragrance Review

  1. I love Annick Goutal (meaning there are at least thre AG’s perfumes I love, own or want to own). I can’t wear Annick Goutal (meaning that there are at least three AG’s perfumes I can’t tolerate on my skin). And there are several scents in between. I haven’t tried Eau de Charlotte – just because stores around here do not carry it and with my luck with AG’s perfumes I’m not paying for a sample of the next possible disaster on my skin. But I will try it (with a caution) if I come across it.
    Undina recently posted..My First Perfume Review: Puredistance Antonia

    1. AG has many, many scents. So, it makes sense that I’d own and love some (I own 5 bottles) and eventually come across disasters. Eau de Charlotte has been my 1st AG disaster. And I don’t think it will my last. There are about 8 or 9 AGs that I haven’t tried.

      I wouldn’t rush out to try this one but I recommend that you do if you can. If Folavril wears nicely on you, I could possibly see this one working for you as well.

        1. It’s not a secret 🙂 I have Gardenia Passion EDP, Heure Exquise EDP, Le Jasmin EDT, 1 oz Musc Nomade, Mandragore EDT. I regret not buying FBs of the entire Les Orientalistes collection. I love those so much! Oh, and I have Ninfeo Mio.

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