Amouroud Safran Rare Perfume Review

Amouroud Safran Oud

Amouroud Safran Rare is getting some buzz in the Perfume World and for a rightful reason: It smells good.

The opening of Safran Rare reminds me of if you had a really fancy perfume sample and spilled all in the bottom of your new leather bag. It’s spicy and slightly floral, but overall, it’s very leathery. There’s a prominent raspberry note. It wears as a leathery saffron with a lift from dry spices and a lemon-y frankincense. The heart introduces a jammy rose (like roses, honey and raspberries) with blonde tobacco (that leans jasmine-y) to a birch tar/rugged leather. The dry-down is leathery oud with a softness from sandalwood and vanilla. Safran Rare is the sort of leather that smells well worn with the sort of patina that can’t be replicated. It’s like that perfect leather bag that’s had a lot of use but also a lot of love.

If you look up reviews of this fragrance, I’m going to repeat what other people are saying. Safran Rare shares a resemblance to Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather. I think it’s most apparent in the opening and then the fact that they’re both essentially a modern leather. I love Tuscan Leather, so what I’m going to say may sound crazy, but I prefer Safran Rare over it. Safran Rare is the same theme but arguably “better” on me. Safran Rare lacks the charred/burnt quality of Tuscan Leather. It’s wears more full-boded and robust on my skin¹. Amouroud isn’t a “dupe” or anything like that, but I personally prefer it over the Tom Ford. Maybe because there’s more florals? Maybe because it costs less? I don’t know for sure, I just know that I like it.

Linda Evangelista 1992

Notes listed include freesia, bergamot, incense, geranium, cedar, saffron, Rose de Mai, jasmine, benzoin, oud, vetiver, sandalwood and vanilla. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Claude Dir

Give Safran Rare a try if you like leather fragrances. Or perfumes like Tom Ford Private Blend Tuscan Leather, Montale Aoud Leather, Parfums de Marly Godolphin, Dueto Golden Boy, Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir and/or Byredo Black Saffron.

Projection and longevity are above average.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $200 at Osswald.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMy new leathery perfume upgrade. Essentially it smells like niche perfume on the bottom of a new handbag and I’m totally OK with that. But, it also smells really sexy (something I hate to say, but it does). It smells sexy.

¹I did a Pepsi challenge on my skin. Not only did I prefer the Amouroud over the Tom Ford, but so did everyone else. I was told things like “That one (Amouroud) smells sexy. The other one (Tom Ford) smells like a box of raisins. I still like you, Tuscan Leather, but I may have found an upgrade.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Linda Evangelista circa 1992 from <>