Amouage Figment Man Perfume Review

Amouage Figment Man

Yesterday I reviewed Amouage Figment Woman, which is a traditionally “pretty” white floral perfume. From the copy and from my experience with Figment Woman, I expected Amouage Figment Man to be a very nice woodsy fragrance.¹ Never judge a fragrance by its bottle or its copy!

Figment Man is so familiar; yet, it isn’t. It doesn’t remind me of perfume. It opens with this glimmer of bitter lemon with a trail of nag champa incense (like the hippie stuff). And there’s so much dirt! It’s like freshly tilled earth. It really smells like potting soil and gardening in early spring. I swear, I smell it and I can imagine earthworms and a tangle of little roots. It then goes through that petrichor phase. It smells like rain, wet stones and earth. It’s still so damp and so earthy but it’s more mineral at this stage. The dry-down reminds me of a camphoric patchouli and a dank, damp oud/woods and a stone wall covered in moss. There’s also general animalic notes that makes this even more weird and funky. Basically, Figment Man doesn’t smell like a perfume. It smells like a place in time. Maybe it’s the rain, but I think of Figment Man as melancholy, but I mean that in the best way possible. It’s like being in a pensive mood and actually enjoying gray skies and chilly air. It’s quite a contrast to its aqua/blue bottle.

Figment Man is an unusual fragrance that I imagine will be challenging for most. I mean, it smells like dirt, spring rain and catacombs. However, I see it as a Amouage getting back to its roots. There was a time they made challenging perfumes that didn’t smell like everything else available. Figment Man reminds me of why I was attracted to Amouage to begin with.

Anastasiya Vertinskaya

Notes listed include lemon, geranium, pink pepper, sandalwood, animalic notes, vetiver, labdanum, guiaic wood and earthy notes. Launched in 2017. PERFUMER – Annick Menardo

Give Figment Man a try if you like a perfume that smells like freshly turned earth or petrichor. Or scents like Demeter Dirt, Floris Patchouli, CB I Hate Perfume Greenbriar 1968, Diptyque Oud Palao, Banana Republic 17 Oud Mosaic, Zoologist Bat and/or Dior Oud Ispahan. As far as the name “Man”, it’s arbitrary. This is a perfume that doesn’t smell like a perfume. It’s sort of silly to put a gender onto that (or any perfume, but you already know how I feel about this).

Projection and longevity are above average. Keep that in mind. People will say stuff about it. Such as “What did the dogs get into?” or just the general “What is that smell?!”.

The 3.4 oz bottle retails for $300 at Osswald. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONRain and dirt. It’s so weird and that’s why I love it. It may not be something that I’d wear that frequently but I absolutely love that it exists. If you are the sort of weirdo (like myself) that likes the idea of smelling like damp dirt, please try this perfume.

¹I mean, the back of the perfume sample says it is a “luminous sandalwood”. So, I expected a sandalwood and not much else. Oddly on my skin, I barely picked up on any sandalwood at all.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by PR. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. Anastasiya Vertinskaya/Анастасия Вертинская pic from

4 thoughts on “Amouage Figment Man Perfume Review

  1. Finally tried the line a couple of years ago. Price!! Kept me from wanting to. They are wonderful, complex perfumes. I liked the men’s, in many cases, more than the women’s. Except one. Fate is the one I did get and at a steal of a price. They seem to have tried another path with the last few entries, but glad to hear they may be going back to their “roots”. It used to be that $300 was A REAL LOT of money for perfume, but not so much anymore. Still it’s a chunk of change and I’m really glad that I don’t love more of them. And the size. 100mls. Please, please, please smaller sizes. The usual size rant.

    1. The last few releases haven’t been “bad” or anything, they just seemed (in my opinion) to not really fit with the brand’s origins…they were crowd-pleasers (and there is nothing wrong with that). BUT I feel like with Figment, they’re getting back to their roots.

      Oh, the price! I think it’s expensive but of course this is subjective. Saying that, isn’t it crazy how $300+ is “normal” for niche perfumes these days?! Years ago when I started this blog in ’08, I remember readers being upset by “new niche” being $150-$175. NOW that seems so reasonable in comparison to what is offered now!

      And yes, the size. When you get down to it, $300 for 100ml isn’t terrible when there are 1.7 oz or smaller going for that. But, geez, I’d much rather have a 50ml or smaller or ANY bottle. I’d rather have a 50ml $150 bottle of Amouage, for example.

  2. I feel like this describes the cairns in Ireland: damp, earthy, mystical places whose scents I chase through copy and always fall short in finding. Could this be it though?? I really do hope so. I found a perfumery in Ireland’s Burren area that felt like a fairytale and they used lichens and mosses in their fragrance blends and, although I no joke bought one of each of all their offerings, still they didn’t quite scratch the olfactory itch that’s been bugging me. $300 is a little more than I’m comfortable pushing out for another ‘maybe’ at the moment, but here’s hoping I stumble upon a bottle at some point. I have a weird thing about sample vials. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but I feel that I miss out on some of the romance or story of a fragrance without the intended vessel. I’m a sucker for pageantry.

    1. Oh, I’d love if you could try this and let us know! I haven’t been to the lovely Burren area but this perfume gave me feelings…like being somewhere I’ve never been; yet, felt like I have been. It’s vivid – earthy, green and mineral. It’s difficult to wear this and NOT get in your head/go somewhere else.

      WE ARE THE SAME. I was just having this conversation with a friend. Yes, I have many samples because brands and friends are incredibly generous. This allows me to try many different things and keeps me up-to-date. However, I truly love bottles. I love the imagery/story that they help to tell.

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