Amika Obliphica Oil Hair Treatment Review

Amika oBLiPHiCa Oil Treatment for all Hair Types

My hair loves oil treatments. I have course, thick, straight hair that is not chemically treated. Oil treatments have been used on my hair since I was a kid. I have “that” hair; the hair that drinks up oils. I want to throw that out there because I’m about to write a positive review.  And we all know that what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve always had great experiences with hair oils.

Amika has obliphica oil. This is sea buckthorn berry. This oil naturally contains high amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and omega fatty acids. This is the main oil in the treatment. It also contains argan, wheat germ oil, and jojoba oil. It’s a powerhouse of oils.

This oil treatment can be used on wet hair like a “leave-in conditioner” or it can be used on dry hair to minimize fly-aways and before heat styling. I use it on my hair when it’s wet and when it is dry, before I heat style. Remember – You don’t need to use very much of an oil product. I think many people get the “greasy” look because they use too much product.


The Scent – It’s awesome. It reminds me of an amber-vanilla with a hint of citrus. This is the best way I can describe the scent. I don’t find it too strong. And I haven’t really noticed it “lingering” on my hair. But, I do enjoy the scent while I’m applying the oil.

My Experience – This stuff makes my hair feel silky to the touch and look smooth, even in Seattle humidity. It’s a richer oil, so I use less. A full-size bottle will last a very long time. Obliphica Oil Treatment does everything that it claims to do and what I want it to do.

Who is this for? Those with dry, course or damaged hair. If you want something slightly heavier than Moroccanoil, try this. This oil loves my hair. With my course, thick hair, I like Amika better than Morroccanoil. This product is for all hair types, included chemically treated.

Who isn’t this for? Fine hair. This product will most likely weigh your hair down. There are better products out there for fine hair. Naturally oily hair doesn’t need a product like this. If you’ve had bad luck with hair oil in the past saying it made your hair greasy by noon, you’ll most like dislike this product.

My only complaint is that the bottle is glass and I’m usually using it when my hands are oily. I’m always scared that the bottle is going to slip out of my hands and break, destroying the bottle and marble floor and making a huge mess. But, I like the 1960’s logo/sticker.

A 3.4 oz bottle retails for $34 and is available at and Folica.

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*I received a sample in a Birchbox. Product pic from Folica. Cher pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!