Amayori Okinawa Natural Perfume Oil Review

Amayori Okinawa

Amayori has launched a new limited edition seasonal perfume for Summer 2016, a natural perfume inspired by summer evenings in Okinawa.

Okinawa opens with a sharp, gingery lemongrass. This lemongrass starts to wear as something that reminds me of lemon verbena, like lemon zest and green grass. As it dries down, it’s like a green coconut with fresh gardenia blossoms. The heart is a realistic “gardenias in bloom” on the plant. It’s like a heady gardenia and green leaves. They dry-down is like a creamy gardenia.

It’s a really pretty white floral with fresh citrus-like notes. I think even someone that dislikes white florals could fall in love with this because it’s not loud or intrusive. So many white florals demand your attention and this one doesn’t. It’s one of the few in this genre that you wear and it doesn’t wear you.

Maria Corda

Notes listed include lemongrass, coconut, jasmine sambac, gardenia, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Launched in 2016. PERFUMER – Francoise Decatrel

Give Okinawa a try if you like fresh citrus or lemongrass/ginger fragrances. Or if you like perfumes like Pacifica Thai Lemongrass, Tallulah Jane Misae, Saffron James Ipo, Not Soap Radio Island Hopping and/or Strange Invisible Perfumes Lady Day. If you like natural perfumes and are looking for a natural gardenia, you should try this one.

Okinawa is a natural perfume oil so projection and longevity are below average. It wears closely to the skin and can be reapplied throughout the day. The base is organic camellia oil that doesn’t feel oily/greasy and leave my skin feeling so soft.

The 10 ml oil retails for $70 at Amayori. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCitrus gardenia. Being that it wears close to the skin, it really is a great perfume for summer. It smells great with a little bit of heat and humidity.

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