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Amayori Geisha Natural Aromatherapy Perfume Oil & Bath Salts Reviews

Amayori Geisha perfume oil

Amayori is a line of natural bath and body products inspired by Japanese bathing rituals. The brand also has a line of aromatherapy perfume oils. I’ve tried the perfume oil, Geisha, and all of the Luxury Bath Salts.

Geisha for “strength and self-possession” with notes of jasmine, bergamot and yellow mandarin. 

Geisha opens with a bright sunny citrus that reminds me of yuzu. It starts to wear as a fresh, green jasmine with a citrus tang. I say give it a try if you like citrus floral scents like Providence Perfume Co. Summer Yuzu, Pure Natural Diva Natural and/or April Aromatics Jasmina.

This is camellia oil based, which feels great. It’s nourishing without being oily. Being an oil, it wears closely to the skin. Longevity is average.

The .35 oz roll-on retails for $45.

Amayori Luxury Bath Salts

Now to the Luxury Bath Salts. I was able to try these in all of the Amayori Bathing Ritual scents.

Dreams of Gion for “peaceful, restorative sleep” with notes of yuzu, green and yellow mandarin, lavender, amyris and ylang ylang oils.

The scent is like an “earthy” citrus in that the lavender grounds the sparkling citrus notes. It really is a relaxing scent.

Onsen for “deep, meditative relaxation” with notes of hinoki, jasmine and cedarwood. 

This one is very woodsy with hinoki and cedar. It’s just like an onsen. This is one is my favorite for the bath.

Zen Morning for “mindful energy” with notes of blood orange, bitter orange and Japanese mint. 

Zen Morning is full of energy. It’s a juicy orange with a refreshing, cool mint. It’s a great scent but I don’t really take baths in the morning. I bet the shower gel and perfume are amazing in this scent.

Kamo River for “calm and tranquility” with notes of neroli, petitgrain and sandalwood. 

Kamo River is like a “spicy green” neroli with a sharp sandalwood. It’s “saltier” and more sea-like because of the salt base and neroli.

And there’s Geisha which smells a lot like the perfume oil.

Bath Salts are a mixture of different salts, kelp and essential oils inspired by the Japanese Onsen. They’re really fragrant. And who doesn’t love a fragrant hot bath?

Bath salts come in a set of five 4 oz packets retailing for $55.

These and other products like shower gels, body oils, “bath mochi” and gift sets are available at Amayori. 

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*Disclaimer – Product provided by the brand. I am not financially compensated for my review. My opinions are my own. Product pics are mine.


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