Alima Pure Minerals Shimmer Eyeshadow Review – Shades of Green

I’ve been late to jump on the mineral makeup wagon. After reading rave review from Lovely Android and Scenthive, I knew that I should give Alima Pure Minerals a try. I ordered samples from the Portland based company. Each sample comes in a small plastic container with an adorable screen printed silhouette of a songbird in a metallic bronze finish. I ordered many products. Amazingly, many of the colors work for me. They are beautiful “everyday” colors. Here are my “greens”. OK, they all aren’t green but they work very well together.

Alima Pure Eyeshadow Review
My samples, no flash

A. Shimmer Eyeliner in Maya – This is sold as an eyeliner. It makes a beautiful eyeshadow, too light for a liner in my opinion, unless you are using it to add “light” to the bottom lash line. It is a very metallic, old gold lamé shade. It is beautiful! It is truly an old gold. This is what I wanted MAC Pigment in Old Gold to be! None of pictures capture the beauty of this shade.

B. Shimmer Eyeshadow in Eden – Eden is a sheer, muted light green with lots of gold shimmer. It mainly wears gold on my olive complexion. It makes a wonderful highlighting shade for under the brow bone when I do green eye makeup looks. It’s not very “buildable”. It’s a sheer shade that could be very beautiful over another shadow to add a greenish gold shimmer. Use it like theBalm Overshadow.

C. Matte Eyeshadow in Juniper – Imagine the shade of dried rosemary. That color is Juniper. There’s no shimmer, a completely matte formula. I am so surprised that I like this. It is a pretty, earthy shade. Out of this batch, it has the most pigment. This is a great replacement shade for discontinued Lancôme Eyeshadow in Dill.

D. Shimmer Eyeshadow in Truffle – Truffle is a light bronzey brown with lots of silver shimmer.

E. Luster Eyeshadow in Mocha – This eyeshadow is super shimmery with a super smooth and blendable formula. It’s a medium fawn shade with equal parts of gold and silver shimmer. It has a nice amount of pigment.

F. Shimmer Eyeshadow in Pine – This is a beautiful shade, that’s a wintery Norwegian pine shade, a mix of silvery blue and green with lots of gold shimmer. I’ve never had a color like this. Pine is sheer but it is buildable for extra evergreen drama 🙂

My swatches are terrible. It’s very difficult to “capture” these colors the way they appear in real life. All the shades are prettier than my swatches. Your just going to have to trust me 🙂 These have been swatched dry. Alima Pure Eyeshadows can be worn wet or dry.

Alima Pure Mineral Eyeshadow Swatches
Swatches of colors listed above, flash used

The colors that I like the most from this batch include Maya, Juniper, and Pine. These are also the shades with the most pigment. I wore these shades and they wore an entire work day without creasing. I do recommend a primer under all mineral or loose eyeshadows to prevent “shimmer fall-out”. These colors are fairly neutral/natural without being typical “boring” browns. For me, these are appropriate for work/day wear. This line doesn’t offer “wild” shades. All of the colors that I have sampled have been natural and easy to work with, but much lighter than the Alima’s descriptions. It isn’t that they aren’t pigmented it appears that the purpose of Alima is to not only be natural but to look “natural” too. So, if you want a little more drama buy “medium” shades if you are light, go up an “the scale”. I used to think I was light but in the Alima world, I’m a medium. I find this batch of “greens” to be pretty shades for light to medium warm complexions, redheads (really all hair colors, especially warm tones or highlights), hazel eyes, and warm brown eyes.

Alima Pure eyeshadow look
Me wearing shades featured in this post: Maya, Eden, Truffle, and Juniper

My swatches are lame, but what’s important is if colors are easy to work with, blend, etc. Above is a look I did using colors in this review. I really like this look. It’s appropriate for day time wear. The colors were so easy to use and blended nicely. I applied my concealer as a base. I used Maya (yes, the eyeliner, really sheer eyeliner, huh?) from lash line to above the crease. I took this shade and lined my bottom lash line halfway, starting at the outer corner. In the crease, I blended Juniper, the matte shade. In the inner corner of the eye, I applied Truffle, blending upward and outward. I also lined it on the bottom lash line, halfway, starting at the inside corner. Under the brow bone, I used Eden, the sheer green-gold. I applied a kohl brown eyeliner (Guerlain Terracotta) halfway to top and bottom lash line. Curled lashes and applied a few coats of black/brown mascara (Rimmel Volume Flash).

Alima Pure Eyeshadows are available at Alima Pure Mineral Makeup. Sample pots, what I have pictured above, retail for $1. Full size jars retail for $9.

UPDATE: Post is old so some of these may no longer be available for purchase.

*Products purchased by me. Pics are mine.

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  1. I’m glad you liked these! The samples are pretty generous. I like their eyeliners as shadows too. I can’t really handle life without my black eyeliner pencil so I never use minerals as eyeliner anyway. These look great on you! 🙂
    Melissa W. recently posted..Kanye West Likes Pants

    1. Thanks. I know what you mean, I expect liners to add some “drama”.
      The sample sizes are generous for $1. I will def. know what I want to buy as a full-size. I love companies that offer affordable samples.

  2. I’ve been looking for an affordable mineral makeup line. I like Bare Escentuals but they are kind of expensive.

    1. I know what you mean. I have been happy with this line. It’s affordable and high quality. I also like it because it is made in PDX 🙂

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