Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Mineral Mud Masque Review

Alaska Glacial Mud Mask Review

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Mineral Mud Masque is a detoxifying, moisturizing, and exfoliating mask made from mineral rich glacial clay from the Copper River Delta in Cordova, Alaska. The masks also contain wild-crafted botanicals from the totally awesome Pacific Northwest 🙂

Mineral Mud Masque is a smoky gray mask. It dries within 10 minutes and washes off very easily. My skin is not left red and irritated. (A few mud masks have done that to me in the past). Actually my skin is left cool to the touch and smooth. My skin feels like it has been exfoliated and really smooth afterwards. My skin feels “clean” but doesn’t feel dry. Dryness is a reason that I usually avoid mud masks. I didn’t have that problem with Alaska Glacial Mud. After using Alaska Glacial Mud, I noticed that my skin was much smoother for a few days. However, I didn’t notice any, to say it nicely, any impurities surfacing/no zits. I think this is a good mask for normal to dry skin because it exfoliates without drying. Bottom line – I really like it.

I apply the mask to clean skin with a mask brush. This little brush is awesome. Why haven’t I been applying all masks with a brush? I apply foundation with a brush! The brush helps me apply the product evenly so that half my face isn’t wet and the other is dry. I also use less product when using the brush. There is minimal waste. This is a huge plus being that most skincare is expensive. And if you don’t use your fingers, you aren’t contaminating the product as much. All of the logic behind the foundation brush, applies to the Masque Brush. I really suggest that you purchase the Masque Brush if you use any mud or moisture masks. It’s a good quality brush and inexpensive. Bottom line – Can’t live without the brush.

There are 2 scented masks and one Unscented. –

Vanilla Lavender : Vanilla Lavender isn’t very fragrant. I get faint sweet lavender and mostly minerals. There’s a scent but it is light. I think this is a relaxing, calming scent.

Lavender Peppermint : Lavender Peppermint is a much stronger scent. It’s cool refreshing peppermint with herbaceous lavender. The peppermint oil makes my face tingle but it doesn’t leave my face read or irritated. However, I wouldn’t recommend this formula to those with sensitive skins. Both essential oils are known to irritate sensitive skins. Both scents are very “spa”.

A 3.5 oz. jar retails for $34. The Masque Brush retails for $6. These products are available at C.O. Bigelow. 10% of profits go back to local conservation and education organizations in Cordova.

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*Disclaimer – Trial sizes of the masks and the brush were provided by Alaska Glacial Mud Co. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Pots contains an affiliate link. Thanks!
Product picture is from Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Cordova, Alaska picture from (an organization that Alaska Glacial Mud donates to).

4 thoughts on “Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Mineral Mud Masque Review

  1. The brush is a brilliant idea. I really appreciate your acknowledgement that essential oils can irritate skin. It’s something that is often forgotten (or not understood) in the striving for “natural” or the love of beautiful scents.
    Thanks for the very useful review.

    1. I love the brush. It’s a must for any mask.
      I know that I take a risk any time that I put a natural product, especially a product with essential oils. So far, I’ve had no bad luck but boy, I have heard a few horror stories.

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