Aftelier Secret Garden Natural Perfume Review

Aftelier Secret Garden

Aftelier Secret Garden is a perfume inspired by the 1910 novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. My little macabre girlself that drew witches on my report cards rather liked this story. A girl’s parents die and she gets to go live in a big ‘ole house. She cleans up a garden and practically heals her cousin by convincing him he can walk. Female empowerment, independence, a garden that cures all your emotional problems. I haven’t read it since I was at least 8, but I remember loving it.

Secret Garden opens up with root beer cola. It’s effervescent. I get a hint of fruity orange marmalade.  Secret Garden surprises me with how much it blooms once on the skin. The heart is the “loudest” on me and has the most projection. It’s a smoky rose with civet and soft, slightly damp florals. It’s vegetal musky. The dry-down of Secret Garden is a sweet benzoin-vanilla with patchouli with rose. It’s like a benzoin Turkish delight.

The Secret Garden

Notes listed include bergamot, bois de rose, Geraniol, blood orange, jasmine sambac, raspberry, Turkish rose, blue lotus, civet castoreum, vanilla, deertongue (plant), benzoin and aged patchouli. Launch date 2011. PERFUMER – Mandy Aftel

Give Secret Garden a try if you are looking for a sweeter but smoky floral. Or if you like perfumes like Vero Profumo Rubj EDP, HEELEY Hippie Rose, Sonoma Scent Studio Rose Musc and/or Guerlain L’Heure Bleue. Secret Garden is unisex.

Secret Garden has above average projection and longevity for a natural perfume.

The 1/4 oz parfum retails for $170 at Aftelier.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONMusky sweet. It’s complex and interesting. It fits with the story and it really does have a turn of the century feel.

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Aftelier. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Aftelier. Secret Garden pic from Wikisource.

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