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Aftelier Natural Body Oil & Hair Elixir Review

Aftelier Body Oil & Hair Elixirs are a multi-purpose product that have been in my routine for a while now. Hair oils have been in my life since childhood. They’ve been kind to my thick, course hair. Now we have a body and hair oil created by a perfumer…and I’m in heaven. Aftelier Body Oil & Hair Elixirs smell amazing.

The base is jojoba and fractioned coconut which my hair has always loved (and a common base for many oil-based perfumes).

Aftelier Chocolate Saffron

Chocolate & Saffron – You have to shake this product to mix the scent. It’s like having the world’s most primitive lava lamp in your hands. The fragrance is one for gourmand lovers. It’s a delicious saffron cocoa. I want to eat it. When layered under your favorite perfumes, it magically makes everything more scrumptious.

Aftelier Pear Fir and Coffee

Pear, Fir & Coffee – There are many natural body oils and hair products on the market. Many are wonderful. But, what I find is that with the Aftelier line is that you are getting a little more because there is a perfumer behind these. Lots of thought goes into the fragrance. This one is so wonderful because it is unusual. It’s a combo that only a person that knows fragrance could come up with. It’s what my husband calls “peanut butter and sliced apples” but I get much more. It’s a nutty fir with a fruity “lift” from freshly sliced, juicy pears. Complex and interesting. It’s one of my favorite fragrances for fall.

Aftelier Ancient Resins

Ancient Resins – You can read a full review here. I absolutely love it. Totally worth the price, can’t recommend it enough. Use it as a body oil, use it as a hair elixir, use it as a perfume.

Packaging – It’s a glass bottle with a pump. I love the packaging. It’s well-made and always pumps out the right amount of product for me. I find that a little of this stuff goes far.

How I use it & My Experience – As a body moisturizer, this product moisturizes while feeling rather lightweight for an oil. The scent will linger very closely to the skin. I use the oil mainly on my hair. I apply a small amount when wet and a small amount when dry to flatten fly-aways. People often ask me what do I do to get my hair so straight or how I keep it so frizz-free in the humidity and I often feel they are disappointed with my answer. I seriously let my hair air dry and I use Aftelier oils on wet and dry hair. That’s really it.

I can’t recommend these enough to people that love body oils or hair oils. The formula is awesome and they’re some of the best scented ones that you can buy. I find that the scent lingers for about 3-4 hours very closely to the skin or hair.

These retail for $50 at Aftelier. I find that they will last FOREVER if you use it as a hair oil.

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by Aftelier. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pics from Aftelier.

6 thoughts on “Aftelier Natural Body Oil & Hair Elixir Review

  1. I tried the Ancient Resins and really liked it. The fragrance didn’t last very long on my skin. I really wanted it for my hair but the scent didn’t linger much there either. I’m jealous that you get a few hours out of them. I’m still tempted to buy it because it works well and I do enjoy the fragrance while it lasts.

    1. I do slather it on. I’m one of those people that likes to feel greasy. My husband has commented on the smell of my hair before many hours after I applied (and after I’ve forgotten about it).

      I really wish Aftelier would make Ancient Resins a perfume or a solid perfume. The scent is lovely and I’m sure the concentration of natural perfume oils is much lower in a body product like this.

  2. Simply marvelous Victoria — I am doubly grateful to you! Not only for this terrific review here, but it was you who originally suggested using my body oils for hair, and you were completely right!
    xo Mandy

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