Aftelier Face Elixir Reviews

Aftelier Face Elixir

Naturals Week April 22-April 29th

My skin has changed. It’s been very dehydrated and dry. My usual skincare is not working for me now. Inspired by Beauty Huile and Eyeliner on a Cat, I’ve decided to start using oil-based facial moisturizers at night. Many years ago I only used oils as moisturizers. I’m such a product flirt. I moved on and starting using whatever new shiny thing there was out there. Why did I ever stop using oils? My skin loves them.

Aftelier Face Elixirs are all natural moisturizing oils made from grapeseed oil, rose hip oil, rice bran oil, squalene, and seabuckthorn berry oil (one of my favorite oils). The Face Elixirs are rich in vitamins and minerals that hydrate malnourished skin. The oils have a nice texture. With my dry skin the oils absorb quickly. I’m not staining pillowcases or anything like that. I do notice a big difference using these oils. Like I said, my skin has been very dry and dehydrated. My husband leaves for work very early in the morning before I get up. After one night of using a Face Elixir he leans over to kiss me in the morning and says, “You’re using something new. Your skin feels so soft.” And it did. I noticed a huge difference in my skin after one use. My skin was soft, hydrated, lines from dryness were gone. With continued use my skin is no longer flaky or parched.

Dolores Casey

Aftelier Face Elixirs are unisex. Men can use the oils after shaving. Anyone can use these at night. The Face Elixirs come in four scents:

Wild Orange Face Elixir with Cedarwood and Patchouli

I really expected to like this one the least but it is my favorites of the four. The scent is a juicy orange over an earthy patchouli. I love it. It’s such a happy fragrance. It’s like falling asleep in a citrus orchard.

Lavender Face Elixir with Clary Sage and Cistus

This one is a high quality lavender with an ambrette like muskiness. (The clary sage is adding a vegetal muskiness). I would say that this is the most masculine out of the 4 even though any gender will enjoy it. I think of it as falling asleep in a handsome man’s arms.

Jasmine Face Elixir with Geranium and Ylang Ylang

This is a strong scent but it’s gorgeous. It’s a heady jasmine and ylang ylang. I find it the most romantic and sensual out of the 4 fragrances. A summer breeze brings in the headiness of tropical flowers through your open window…

Rose Face Elixir with Sandalwood and Frankincense 

The scent is lovely. This rose is obviously Mandy’s rose. She uses this high quality rose in her perfumes. The rose is honeyed and hay-like. There is an acrid frankincense base. It may not be the first choice for a man, but it should be. This is one of those sexy rose attars that men should smell like. It’s a sultan’s scent.

All of the oils are good and give me the same results. The variety is with the fragrance. Choose one that you love. I think of it as perfume for the face. To my surprise, I love Wild Orange and Jasmine. However, each scent is wonderful and takes me to a destination from Californian orchards to a honeymoon in the South Pacific.

I think these are great oils for my skin in the summer as a nightly moisturizer. I do see myself needing a heavier nightly moisturizer in the winter.

Who may like these? If you are looking for an all natural moisturizing oil for the face, try these. The scents are luxurious. The formula is luxurious. I recommend these for normal to dry skin types but I think dehydrated oily skin types would love this formula too. And if you are looking for a luxurious after shave oil, this is it.

Who may not like these? Those that prefer the texture of a gel or lotion. And perhaps those with sensitive skin. As you know if you have sensitive skin, fragrances may not be the best thing for your skin type, especially scents like lavender.

Each 7 ml Face Elixir retails for $40 at Aftelier.

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* Disclaimer – Product samples provided by Aftelier. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Dolores Casey pic from

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    1. Mandy, these elxirs are wonderful. Like I said, I noticed immediate results. And so did my husband. Each scent is beautiful. It’s such a luxurious product.

  1. V, I’m so thrilled to hear not did you love the face oil, but that Mr. Mr. noticed the difference!

    Jasmine is my mainstay, though it’s so hard to choose between the delectable others.

    Excuse me…while I go dream of a handsome man’s arms…the elixir is the closest I get to that 😉

    1. I like them all but Jasmine and Orange are my 2 favorites.

      I’m sure the elixirs smell better than a handsome man…

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