Adieu – DSH Perfumes Fond Farewells

Kupka Painting 1910

DSH Perfumes has been cleaning house. It’s sad to see good perfumes go, but nothing is permanent in this world. We must say <adieu>. Despite the sadness that it may give some of us, change is good. I’m sure that these retired perfumes are making room for some new equally wonderful scents. This is what I tell myself to cope. And to be fair, many of these scents were labeled as “limited edition”. We knew they wouldn’t last forever.

Here’s mini reviews of a few of the DSH Perfumes listed on the “Specials” page. With many of these perfumes, I have already wrote more “in depth” reviews in the past. Before these go, I want to give them some needed attention. Many of these perfumes are amazing. And they are on sale. Here’s an opportunity to get many high-quality artisanal perfumes for what you’d pay for a “celebrity” scent at Macy’s.

Gelsomino – One of the prettiest and most delicate jasmines that has touched my skin. This is a jasmine that reminds me of a mix of Philosophy Amazing Grace and L’Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons. It’s “soft” white floral jasmine with orange blossom that has been put through the laundry and is fresh, warm, out of the dryer. Not as long wearing as other DSH Perfumes that I have tried, but it’s meant to be sheer. This one is good for warm climates and days when you don’t want anything heavy.

Gingembre – This is the one that saddens me the most to see go. Gingembre is my favorite ginger perfume on the planet. It’s a spicy gourmand with honey that is ideal for rainy Seattle autumns. <sigh> It wears so nicely on me. Here’s my review.

LiLi – A delicate, sheer, and pretty lime lily of the valley with sweet linden. Here’s my review.

Oude Arabique – An ancient smelling oud complemented by fine woods. Here’s my review.

Quinacridone Violet – A fluorescent fruity-floral with sweet pea, green violet leaf, and tons of cassis. Too energetic for me, but a million times better than any mainstream fruity-floral on the market. Here’s my review.

The Color Orange – An extremely well done citrus perfume that my skin doesn’t “eat”. This is a warm citrus. It really is the color orange. A must try for those that love citrus. Here’s my review.

Viridian – One of my favorite “forest greens”, a bitter green and earthy blend of wormwood, celery seed, and sandalwood. Fresh and invigorating. Here’s my review.

Wasabi Shiso – An interesting and strange fragrance with shock-your-senses wasabi and yuzu with an earthy patchouli base. Here’s my review.

I’d love to have a “final” bottle of each of these, but that’s unrealistic. If I had to narrow it down to three must haves for myself, it’d be Gingembre, Gelsomino, and Oude Arabique. And that was a tough decision. I feel those represent a good range of DSH’s talents. The only one I don’t care for out of these is Quinacridone Violet. But, in comparison to most of the crap launched every other minute in Perfumelandia, it’s good, just not my tastes.

All of these featured in this “mini review” and then some are available at DSH Perfumes featured on the Specials tab. Get them while you can! They may just become fragrance currency 😉

*Disclaimer – Some of these scents were purchased by me, others were gifts with purchase, and some were given to me by DSH Perfumes for review. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own.
Mme Kupka among Verticals painting by Frantisek Kupka,1910-11. Oil on canvas, 53 3/8 x 33 5/8″ (135.5 x 85.3 cm). Hillman Periodicals Fund. © 2011 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris , MOMA

17 thoughts on “Adieu – DSH Perfumes Fond Farewells

    1. If you like a foody ginger, then try it. It isn’t a fresh ginger, but a dried ginger. I actually prefer it much more than the SL 5 o’clock Gingembre.

  1. Hi, Ajent Orange~

    Thank you so very much for the incredible review! The good news is that with most of these scent, we’re just re-vamping the formats, not getting rid of the designs altogether. 😀 Only the Wasabi-Shiso is almost gone and won’t be back. Good news, no?
    many fragrant hugs~

    1. So, no need to panic, right? 🙂

      I have a roll-on of Wasabi Shiso. So, I’ll be OK. I can now sleep soundly 😉

    1. You do it! This is one that I haven’t tried and now I remember that you mentioned its awesomeness before. You got me with “ricey”.

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