About EauMG: Established in 2008. EauMG is a perfume blog created by V, a serious fume addict. The purpose of EauMG is to honestly inform others of the many bitch’n beauty and frivolous fragrance items all over this globe. I primarily talk about scented stuff (perfume, home fragrance, etc.) but I’m a product junkie. I love skincare and makeup.

About Victoria, Editor and Writer: Originally a broad from the South, I spent about a decade in Seattle and then moved to Jersey City (that’s in the NYC metro area). During the day I do science stuff and research. I write about perfume because it’s something I truly enjoy. Plus, it’s a distraction from diseases and healthcare inequality. I’m in my 30’s and share a space with my smooshed-faced, pug-like things, Frink.

Victoria likes cornbread, museums, making lists, linguistics, caviar, skincare, making maps, lipstick, fragrance (obviously) and fancy bath products.

Victoria doesn’t like dogs with normal noses, people that don’t recycle, cars without mufflers, scuffs on boots, cheap shoes, A cappella, mint-flavored lip products and the patriarchy. 

Victoria’s other hobbies include collecting visionary folk art, weaving, cooking and then eating, drinking fancy beverages, wandering around the city looking for trouble, crashing NYC walking tours and attending all of the drag shows.

Because you need to meet my dogs:

Frink the Frug

About Frink the Frug: Frink is brindle permanent puppy that is half French bulldog and half pug. He was adopted when he was a puppy from a chain-smoker in a rustic logging town. He was a cute but terrible little puppy. He’s the most stubborn guy on the planet. You would not believe how stubborn this dog is. His favorite human is me/Victoria. He probably hates you. But, you won’t hate him because his wags his tail to RuPaul’s voice and loves to watch the opening credits of Twin Peaks.

Moxi Brown

About Moxi Brown (2004-2021): Moxi was supposed to be Delta Bark but she is too stupid to learn a new name. So she goes by her shelter-given name, Moxi Brown. Moxi was adopted from the Humane Society on the Oregon coast. She is a little smooshed-face pound puppy of unknown origin. She is possibly a gargoyle or a vampire stuck in bat form. She’s a badass with bullet pellet under her chest because she is one tough mama that is 1000% cooler than your dog. She also has a thing for Latin jazz. She currently has cancer (she’s 14) but is responding well to treatment.

What people be saying about EauMG:

Allure.com says EauMG is a “beauty tweeters we can’t get enough of”- check it out!

*FTC Disclaimer: Assume that all products reviewed by me have been purchased by me unless otherwise noted. If a product was given to me as a press sample, I’ll let my reader’s know. I am not paid for my posts. My opinions are my own. 

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  1. Victoria-
    Ok. You ready for a little story? I can’t remember how I found you, but you’ve been one of my bookmarked sites for several months and I haven’t looked for a while, but tonight while I was waiting for a burned copy of this seasons Mad Men to respond to Quick Time (dreaded rainbow ball on Mac spins and spins…) I decided I’d see your latest make-up look and read one of your scent reviews….as I got to lookin around, I thought to myself, “who is this person? we have such similar preferences in all things scentual and beautifying and I like her descriptions…” So I read your “About” section and I just smiled to myself as I read that you work as a speech therapist because that’s what I’m currently working towards! I’m 38 and just got my BA in speech/language therapy and finally feel like I know what I want to do for a living (at least for the next few years-who knows?). So, now I’m in the process of applying to grad school. Anyway, I’ve never written someone I don’t know, I’m not a blogger, I only have like 10 bookmarked sites, 50 friends on facebook, and I hope this hasn’t bored your mascara off. If you feel like responding, I’m curious to know where you went to school and how you felt about the program. Otherwise,
    thanks for a really great site!
    Jenny H.

    1. You haven’t bored me at all! I’d love to talk to a fellow speechie 🙂 I love speech but I don’t always love it since my personality is a bit different than those that I work with. What I love is working with social language and with those with autism spectrum disorders. That’s my niche 🙂 If you don’t mind, I’ll email you directly.

    1. Oh, a Frenchie! Love, love smushed faced babies. I think Frink needs a buttermilk brother, a Frenchie.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Your site is lovely….and you are more beautiful than ever.
    Jas led me here….
    and I can’t wait to read more of your musings.

    p.s. I just bought Kilian’s Liasons Dangereuses-Typical Me, for spring and summer….and come this fall I will get their Incense Oud….I love smoky fragrances most of all…so any recommendations are welcome!

    1. 🙂 I miss you guys.

      Smoky fragrances are my favorite fragrances. Have you tried Kilian Rose Oud? I can email you some suggestions. Right now, I’m thinking Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche, 10 Corso Como, Nasomatto Black Afgano, Tauer Lonestar Memories, and even Bvlgari Black.

      1. Last week received my second discoveryset foam Andy Tauer, with the new Pentachords, and a Lonestar Memories.(addictive according to Andy) And it reminded me of Black by Bulgari in a way. Love it!!!!

  3. Hi Victoria!
    I recently discovered your youtube channel and blog, and I must say, I love perfumes, but the way you review and express your love towards them is almost poetic and makes me love them even more! Sometimes if I own a perfume you are reviewing, I will sit and smell it while you describe the notes trying to catch them too! haha! you are like a perfume love novelist! =p
    In one of your videos you said that you love Patchouli… have you tried Karma from Lush Cosmetics? I think you would love it so much! Perhaps you can do a video about it? would love to hear you talk about it! =)

  4. Love your dogs face! Our family has two rescue dogs.
    Can you delete one of my comments on the Creed Love in Black post for me please? I am pretty tired and messed up my backlink code to my website. I am using a link to your blog on my website in my description of Creed Love In Black. I like to fine unique blogs with good information. I hope you will post my corrected link. I have posted another below.(This backlink stuff will make you go cross eyed)
    Thank you
    Creed Love In Black

  5. Hehehe. I had to snoop on your “about” section to see if you mentioned being German, too. 😉

    Come for the curiosity, stay for the adorable pugs! Haha. My two dogs have normal noses, but I love smooshy pugs, too. Amazing how many people I know in the Seattle area who have pug families!

      1. They accept the title of “pound puppy” as well but I’m pretty certain that Moxi is not a dog. She is a bat or a gremlin. She’s something out of a Lovecraft story!

    1. No German but Polish and Armenian and some Mediterranean 🙂

      Normal noses are good if they have personality. Plus, it’s a bonus when a dog doesn’t overheat at 60 degrees!

      I know! When we first moved here we couldn’t get over how many people are in the pug club. I think it’s because of the weather. They can handle the mild weather and they can’t do heat. Plus, lots of weirdos out here and we like our mutants.

  6. Hi, and thanks for following me on Twitter. I am super excited to find you. Also a fellow writer in the PNW. I’m just starting my perfume journey, but I already feel like I have sniffed out my calling. The PNW feels like a great place for a girl who loves smells and it seems you’re discovering that, too!
    Emily Grosvenor recently posted..How to Make Mint Oil

  7. Bellodgia EDP by Caron… First discovered this wonderful carnation perfume in the mid 60’s and it quickly became my signature perfume for many years. Then could not find any for a long time, rediscovered it in a local perfumery to my delight, only to have the shop close down! Have tried my best to find Bellodgia on the Internet and all the sites say “out of stock”. My sister had found me 2 bottles of 50ml EDP $50 a bottle (great price I thought), but that store since closed as well. Any ideas where to go next other than flying to France!

    1. 🙁 Oh, what a shame!!

      Well, don’t you want an excuse to fly to France? 😉

      It is available at Caron boutique in NYC that is located in Phyto Universe. They will ship. – Here’s contact info – http://www.yelp.com/biz/caron-boutique-new-york

      Nasreen in Seattle also ships and I remember seeing a few bottles there – http://parfumerienasreen.com/

      I hope this helps. It’s a gorgeous perfume, one of my favorites and I hate that it is getting harder and harder to find!

    1. Thank you!

      Oh, those Frenchies are some sassy little things 🙂 We blame all of Frink’s stubborn sassiness on his Frenchie side 😉

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