A Summer Update

Shirley Maclaine leopard print

My life is really busy right now. It’s always busy but it’s really intense right now. I’ve been so busy that I’ve been forgetting to wear fragrance! I’ve spent the last few weeks finishing up home repairs and “editing” my house. I spent a few days in Las Vegas working. My house is now on the market. I’m looking for another house and I hope to move by fall. Work has deadlines and it’s a busy time for my business right now (clap your hands for me!). My cousin is coming out to visit for a week. And there’s always more…It’s all great stuff and I’m very excited and happy, I’m just so fatigued!

I’ll be taking a break from EauMG. This means I’ll be posting content about every other day. The posts will be automated and I’ll approve comments as soon as I can. I hope to be back to my regular frequency in September after some of this stuff settles down. I really need to take to the time to take care of my professional and personal life this August. I have makeup looks to crop and videos to edit! I just don’t have the time to take care of that at this time πŸ™ I also miss reading my favorite blogs.

So, how’s your summer going? What fragrances are you wearing?

*Shirley Maclaine pic from I want that swimsuit!

4 thoughts on “A Summer Update

    1. It’s a “want to” move. We won’t cry if it doesn’t sell because we really love this house. My husband has been making a 4 hour commute daily for about a year now. He wants to move closer to the city. I don’t blame him. Commutes like that are draining.
      So funny! I’ve been craving No. 19 like crazy. I rarely ever wear that one but it really fits my mood (and the weather) right now.

  1. Hi HONEY Girl! I’m wearing my PRIMORDIAL SCENTS perfumes of course, and feeling guilty about not doing MORE and MORE everyday. OK, new HONEY business, and being A BEE mother takes time *buzz buzz* as well as other fabulous projects I have been involved in like DEVILSCENT. *sigh* my only consolation is that i know it takes TIME to save the EARTH with perfume!!!!! Being a Perfume Pharmer aint for the faint of heart!

    1. I have no clue how you do it all, but you do. And that’s why the perfume community absolutely loves you. Thank you for pulling us together and organizing so many innovative projects.
      When I met Kedra in LA a few months ago, I was talking about your Strawberry Passion. I told Kedra if I had as much energy as you, I’d take over the world, lol.
      My mother-in-law just started beekeeping πŸ™‚

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