A Midsummer Night’s Dream Perfume Event – Act II

Midsummer Night's Dream Perfume Event

A Midsummer’s Night Dream Perfume Event – Fare Thee Well, Nymph by Blossoming Tree

Fare Thee Well, Nymph, let’s call it Fare Thee for short,  is inspired by the character Helena, an insecure young lady that becomes a confident woman because in the end she gets what she wants. It’s a man, but we don’t have to go there. I’m here to discuss perfume.

Edward John Poynter Helena & Hermia

Fare Thee opens as a spicy orange cream fragrance. There’s some “heat” to this fragrance. Being a person that is always looking for symbolism, I can’t help it, I see this as the impassioned, obsessive side to Helena. There is a drive, energy (citrus) paired with passion (spice). The dry-down is a rich blend of vanilla, ancient resins, and patchouli. I see this as Helena’s “transformation”. Vanilla represents her youth since it is a note that is “sweet” and used in many perfumes, but especially “youthful” concoctions. I see the resins and the patchouli as her new gained wisdom, strength, and confidence. These are notes that I associate with wisdom, meditation, and enlightenment. So, Fare Thee is a spicy citrus with creamy vanilla over an ancient resinous base, easily unisex. Once again, representing Helena’s character who breaks gender boundaries in the play.

I think Fare Thee is very well-done. It’s a perfume with a backbone surrounded by passion. This is my first exposure to Blossoming Tree. If I had to compare this fragrance/style to other perfumes that I have tried, I’d have to say that it is done in that thick, natural style of DSH Perfumes and Strange Invisible Perfumes. Because of this, I hope to see more from this line.

Notes listed include clementine, mandarin petitgrain, night queen, vanilla, vetyver, patchouli, labdanum, and omumgorwa.

Lisa Abdul-Quddus is the perfumer and here’s her Blossoming Tree shop.

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Edward John Poynter illustration from Emory University.

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