A is for Aldo Red for Women EDT Perfume Review

A is for Aldo Red for Women perfume

Mainstream Monday – Sniffing a Popular Perfume

Years and years ago, damaged by Y2K drama, I turned to sweet, musky, fruity mainstream fragrances. I was young. I wanted to smell “red” and not “pink”. I avoided light and “pink” fruity-florals and turned to syrupy, heavy “red” fruity-ambery things. Like drinking coconut rum until you vomit or eating a platter of shellfish only to find out later that you have a shellfish allergy, I can’t wear fruity-musky-ambery things. I over did it. I had to go to fruity-musky-ambery thing rehab.

Years later, I’m able to look back at these. I don’t want them. It’s not like quitting smoking and finding yourself at a red light with the windows down smelling the cigarette smoke from a car next to you. I am not tempted. Instead, I get the coconut rum over indulgence or shellfish allergy feel. These types of scents make me slightly ill. They aren’t bad but just bad for me now. Years from now, I’m sure I’ll be able to wear them again…

When I first sniff Red for Women, I think “Oh, a little Cacharel Amor Amor“. It’s sweet, woodsy, musky with juicy fruits on top. As you can imagine from my long intro, I’m having flashbacks. The fragrance grows sweeter and muskier with sweet florals adding to the sweetness. And amber. It’s a sweet vanilla amber musk.

A is for Aldo Red for Women reminds me of those popular “red” perfumes from the beginning of the millinium. People like these. And the good thing about A is for Aldo Red is that it is affordable at $18 an ounce. (For example, Cacharel Amor Amor is $35 an ounce). If you want to smell fruity-musky-ambery, then try this because the price is right.

dancing Barbara Parkins

Notes listed include icy peach, bergamot, sandalwood, amber wood and musk.

Give Red for Women a try if you like sweet, musky scents or perfume like Cacharel Amor Amor, Burberry Brit EDP, Escada Magnetism, Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Diesel Zero Plus Feminine, and/or Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. The thing that makes A is for Aldo Red for Women slightly different is that the florals are not as loud. They are subdued.

This has above average projection and average longevity.

A 2.5 oz bottle retails for $45. You can also get a $15 roll-on at Aldo. Here’s the A is for Aldo quiz so that you can see which one is for you 🙂 I took it and it said Red for Women. And it was right, Red should be for me based on my “red” over indulgent history.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONSweet, fruity musky amber. A mini Amor Amor without the florals

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*Product provided by Aldo’s PR. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Aldo. Barbara Parkins pic from My Y2K “damage”…an exaggeration.

6 thoughts on “A is for Aldo Red for Women EDT Perfume Review

  1. Alright, this probably the last thing you intended but this inspired me to take out my bottle of Escada Magnetism, and remind me that yeah I rather love this absurdly flashy scent. I think my favorite phrase for describing these sort of ultra bright red frangrances is “punch drunk love”.
    Jennifer recently posted..Food Musings: 2011

    1. Yes, punk drunk love! Magnetism used to be my “club” or going out with the girls fragrance back in the day. I have good memories associated with them but at the same time they’re not the best memories…

  2. Follow up and sudden realization after wearing that for a day after a few years of not having worn it, there was a time and a place for that one in my life, but I most definitely need to put that one up for swap. Approaching 30 this year and realized I’m not the person who once wore that scent anymore, perfect for when your are in your mid-twenties and wanting something flashy and sexy, like you said club scent.
    Jennifer recently posted..Food Musings: 2011

    1. We’re the same age. I feel weird wearing these “berry amber” things because my life isn’t like that. I’m not on the prowl and I’m not looking for attention. Slightly off subject…since I’m not on a prowl and I’m not looking for attention, I’m finding I’m in a fashion rut. Is that something that comes with almost being 30? I don’t want to go around wearing the Magnetism equivalent of clothing.

      1. Excellent question on fashion. I’ll admit I’m not the best on fashion (I have the tendency to want romantic skirts and florals with a hint of ranch/mountain person edge, call it a bizarre background of being half French but growing up on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, have yet to balance that out). It feels like that segment between 27-34 for women’s clothing is so hard to find, you’re not Anne Klein and most definitely not Forever 21, it’s like you can either be matronly, country club or completely at the other spectrum of going to night clubs and dressing in your pajamas. None of which styles I really was or want to be, sigh clothing rut indeed but then again I think part of the problem is that the current fashion cycle/trend is not my personal style, every once in awhile it will sync with my personality (loved it when so man designers were inspired by Mad Men) but then it will change into something that is incredibly unflattering on me or something that I don’t like.
        Jennifer recently posted..Lemon Blossoms and Miracles

        1. I’m really not loving what is available right now. I don’t like neons and the Guns n Roses groupie thing isn’t my thing. But, I never have luck with summer fashions. I’m really hoping that fall will be better.

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