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A Few Voluspa Candle Mini Reviews

It’s another laid-back Sunday at the EauMG house. I should be packing for my trip back to Nashville this week but I don’t want to pack. It’s overwhelming thinking about “condensing” my skincare for a trip. Anyway, I thought I’d take a break and post some really quick impressions of a few Voluspa candle scents.

Voluspa J.P.B candle

Japanese Plum Bloom AKA J.P.B. Notes listed include Japanese plum blossoms, orchard leaves, plum nectar and currants.

This is a juicy plum with a realistic redcurrant. It’s a must for those that like berry home fragrances. I usually don’t. For a berry scent, I like this one but it’s not one that I see myself buying for me. The vessel is absolutely gorgeous.

Voluspa Tiares candle

Tiares – Notes listed include Tahitian gardenia, honeyed milk, coconut husk and freesia blooms.

This is a bubble gum-ish white floral with coconut milk. One to try if you like tropical white florals. And sometimes I do. The vessel perfectly “matches” the fragrance in my opinion.

Voluspa Temple Grove

Temple Grove – Notes listed include apricot, peach, peach leaves, kumquat, grapefruit rind and citron.

This is a sweet fruity peach with a citrus tang. It’s not for me because it reminds me too much of Jolly Rancher Peach. But, hey, I’m sure there are people into that.

Voluspa Taporo candle

Voluspa Taporo – Notes listed include lime blossoms, lime leaf, green mandarin rind, cassis and white strawberry.

This is a minty, cool “green” citrus strawberry. It’s not a sweet strawberry. It’s a “green strawberry”. It sort of reminds me of Perfume Pharmer Strawberry Green. For a strawberry home fragrance, this one is very sophisticated. It’s more green and citrus than fruity.

Voluspa Flore di Mare

Voluspa Flora di Mare – Notes listed include gardenia, freesia, tuberose, agave, beach salt and tree moss.

This is a bitter grapefruit with a hint of salty white florals. It’s a really good home fragrance because it’s crisp and fresh.

My favorite out of these is Flora di Mare. It’s what I want my home smell like. However and to my complete surprise,  I really like Taporo as well. I usually don’t like strawberry but this one is so “spring fresh” that I like it.

I did not burn these so I can’t comment on their throw, etc. However, I own and have used many Voluspa candles in the past and I have been very pleased with them. The brand always has great packaging too. I think they are great for the price.

All of these scents come in a few candle sizes (pictured above are the petite that retail for $15). Candle prices range from $15-$40 depending on size. These scents are also available as cute EDP roll-ons for $15. I think the best for personal scent (assuming they are like the candles) would be J.P.G. and Flora di Mare.  The line also has room sprays and hand creams.

All products are available at Candles Off Main.

*Wax samples from Candles Off Main. Product pic from Candles Off Main.

8 thoughts on “A Few Voluspa Candle Mini Reviews

  1. I love the new Nest Japanese Black Currant candle and it has become my new favorite. You said you don’t like berries, but despite the name it isn’t a sweet foodie scent and is more of a warm sophisticated scent perfect for fall evenings. If all the pumpkin spice candle stuff isn’t your thing, this is worth a try.

    1. I say I don’t like berries but there is ALWAYS an exception 🙂

      I really want to try that one. NEST does such a good job with scents and JPC sounds good, like a fall harvest scent. I like the thought of figs in it.

      And I usually dislike pumpkin spice stuff but NEST makes a great one. It’s the only pumpkin spice candle that I buy.

    1. Oh, no! I didn’t realize that they had discontinued so many! Thanks for sharing the link and their replacements 🙂

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