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A Few Thymes Wildwood Candle Mini Reviews

Thymes Wildwood Candles

Here’s a quick sniff at the candle scents in the Thymes Wildwood Collection, a collection inspired by woodland environments.

Linden Blossom and Nectar – Notes listed include honeyed linden flower, lemon verbena, yellow violet and lilac nectar.

This is a green but honeyed florals. It’s fresh and spring-like, like a meadow. I can imagine craving something like this in the dead of winter when I need to the optimism of spring to get me through the short daylight days. It’s a really pretty fragrance.

 Woodland Violet and Mint – Notes listed include violet, purple clover, fresh mint, wild geranium and wood rosebud.

This is a minty violet. I wish it were a toothpaste flavor. But, it’s not. It’s a candle. It’s OK in wax form. Personally, I feel it’s a little unbalanced. And it doesn’t remind me of forests.

Fiddlehead Fern and Crabapple – Notes listed include crabapple blossom, buttercup and lily of the valley.

Boy did I love the idea of this! Fiddlehead fern? Yes, please. Well, this smells more like a Granny Smith apple with some nondescript florals. Seriously, it smells like something Marc Jacobs would launch, like a Daisy flanker. So yeah, I know I had this one hyped up in my head but I still find it disappointing. It needs more earth, more moss, more foresty notes. If you like apple home fragrances, go for it. It’s a inoffensive apple-floral.

My favorite out of these three is Linden Blossom and Nectar. It’s a good scent for the home. Out of the three, this is the only one that I could see myself spending my money on.

The green vessels with a brown leather “belt” are pretty but they are rustic, earthy and don’t really fit with my decor. But, I don’t care about that. I buy candles for their smell, not the vessel. Saying that, the vessel is pretty and I see it looking good with a traditional craftsman or lodge decor.

These retail for $32 at Thymes. Votives are also available. 

*Candles sniffed by me unburned. That’s why it is a “mini review”.