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A Few LUSH Bubble Bars Review

 Rose Week 2013

So the new place is small but it has features that keep me from complaining about its size. One of these is an amazing super-sized bath tub. Another is that I’m a 10 minute walk away from LUSH. This has resulted in me spending too much on LUSH Bubble Bars, Bath Melts and Bath Bombs.

LUSH Rose Jam Bubble Bar

Rose Jam with notes of rose, lemon and geranium. Retails for $6.25.

It’s the jam. Seriously. This is a “Bubbleroon” meaning it’s shaped like a macaroon and the center is a moisturizing coconut oil mixture resembling a macaroon. It turns the bath a lovely pale pink shade. And yes, it is moisturizing. After the bubbles vanish you can see the oils floating on top of the water. This is like a mix of a  bubble bath and an oil bath. My dry skin loves it. The best part is the fragrance. It’s rose jam. In the tub, I can get hints of green from it – the geranium. But, mostly Rose Jam is a sweet, jammy rose. It does leave my skin slightly fragranced, like wearing a rose scented body oil. I seriously buy one of these to scent my space. I put it in the linen closet.

Rose Jam is one of my favorite LUSH products of all time. I hate that I missed out on the perfume inspired by this bubble bar.

LUSH Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

Yuzu and Cocoa with notes of cocoa absolute, tonka, grapefruit, and bergamot. Retails for $6.25.

If Yuzu and Cocoa were a real macoroon, I’d eat it. Honestly, I’m tempted to eat this one. It smells like coconut and chocolate with hints of juicy citrus.

My complaint with this one is the color that it leaves the bath. It leaves it this dingy mop water color that is far from glamorous. The color is grotty. Luckily, it smells good and is just as moisturizing as Rose Jam.

I have not repurchased this one. The color grosses me out and the fragrance is too foody.

LUSH Green Bubble Bar

Green with notes of bergamot, juniper berry, sweet orange and gardenia. Retails for $5.95.

Green smells like a gin that I need in my life. It’s a “green” fresh scent with citrus and “aromatic” gin. It leaves the water a nice vintage 50’s “eau de Nil” shade. Same great formula as the others except the shape is off. It’s a mutated “Bubbleroon”.

I have repurchased this one. I think it will be one that I like more in warmer weather.

To get these to bubble, you need to crumble them. It gets agitated by the water stream and retaliates by bubbling. Mileage will vary based on your water pressure. Unlike our last 1930’s home, this new place has amazing water pressure and this stuff bubbles up a la “Pretty Woman” style. Because of the size of my tub, I use half of a “Bubbleroon” or even an entire one during each bath. I think smaller tubs could break these into fourths and be just fine.

These Bubble Bars are available at LUSH.

 *Products purchased by me. Product pics from LUSH. Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

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  1. I am just as obsessed with Lush’s bubblebars, bubble roons and melts! My favorite is rose jam, karma, the comforter…
    You can check out my review of Lush bar’s on my blog, if you want.

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