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A Few LUSH Bar Soap Reviews

LUSH bar soaps

I can’t think of a more “hit or miss” brand for me than LUSH. They are one of those brands that produces some of my favorite products while also producing some of my most detested products.

I usually avoid their bar soaps just because of their price. They’re much more expensive than other artisanal soaps that I purchase from various indie lines. I love bar soap but the reality is that a bar of soap will not last as long as a bottle of shower gel. I realize that I waste money when buying a bar even when I’m buying fairer priced bars. Here are a few quick reviews of bars that I’ve bought and bars that came as samples with a purchase.

Figs & Leaves – I’m actually surprised by how much I dislike this soap. It’s the scent. It’s such a synthetic overly “clean” floral – like a powder fresh ylang-ylang. I can’t stand it because it smells dare I say, “cheap”. It smells like an old-fashioned beauty bar that one could purchase in a multi-pack for a few bucks at the drugstore. It’s not an offensive smell but it’s offensive at its price point. As far as the actual formula, I’m not that impressed either. It’s like using an Olay bar soap in its feel. Except if Olay had uncomfortable fig seeds in it. I hate that I hate this soap because it seems to have many fans, but I’m completely unimpressed. A 3.5 oz bar retails for about $8.

Rock Star – Now I like this soap, but I like the limited edition shower gel, Snow Fairy, much better. Rock Star is a fruity musk with a sweet vanilla. It’s like a cotton candy musk. It smells good but the formula is a “fast melter”. I’m sticking with the shower gel as I feel it is a better value. A 3.5 oz bar retails for about $8.

Sandstone- A bar of soap scented with Pledge Lemon Furniture Polish with sand. I really don’t like this one either. I don’t like the scent nor do I like the ouchy formula. I guess it would be good for feet. But, it seriously makes my skin want to cry. A 3.5 oz bar retails for about $8.

Fresh Farmacy – This is really a complexion bar. However, there was no way that I was going to use a bar soap this fragrant on my face. My dry skin would start a rebellion. The bar smells strongly of lavandin and tea tree oil. The scent is sharp and medicinal. The bar features calamine which is supposed to soothe skin. The bar is recommended for sensitive skin types. I don’t know. I’m happy I didn’t use it on my face. It dried out my body (that’s what calamine is for – it’s an astringent). Not a bad bar but certainly not for my skin type. A 3.5 oz bar retails for about $10.

My final verdict is that I’m not a fan of LUSH bar soaps. I think they are ho-hum in quality and scent. If I’m going to spend the money with them, it will be on their shower gels. As far as my future bar soap purchases go, I’m sticking with the indies that I love whose quality and aromas are much better than these that I tried from LUSH.

I mean it is possible that I just happened to sample some that weren’t for me. It’s possible. But for now, I’m going to move on to other things.

All of these are available at LUSH. 

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*Products either purchased by me or a sample with a purchase.

8 thoughts on “A Few LUSH Bar Soap Reviews

  1. Like you, I am not impressed with LUSH bar soaps. Way too expensive for what they are, imo. My husband bought Sandstone once just to give it a try and neither of us are in a hurry to rebuy. It was nice for exfoliating specific patches of skin, I guess, but no way I’d use that as a regular soap. I guess the upside is that it lasted us forever, since we almost never used it. I think I ended up just throwing away the last bit of it.

    I have a friend who likes their seasonal bar soap Snow Cake (only available in the UK, though, I believe). I tried it and found it nice, but yeah it doesn’t last at all and for the price…yeesh. Nice as a once a year treat I guess.

    I do love LUSH’s solid shampoos and they’re pretty much the only shampoo I use these days. I travel a lot and they’re so convenient. No need to display them in a plastic bag at the security check!

    1. I don’t think they are bad but I wasn’t impressed either. Like if these were given to me, I’d use them but I’m not going out of my way to buy them. Which is fine because there are other soaps that I like and other stuff from LUSH that I do buy.

      They do have some great seasonal items. I’m still mourning over Rose Jam.

      I used to use their solid shampoos too (Godiva) when I traveled a lot with work. No plastic baggies plus no fear of them leaking in my luggage.

  2. I agree with you on the soaps, too. I really like the shampoos and conditioners, though. Have you smelled Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy? Amazing.

  3. I’ve tried a couple in the past – I was so so on Figs & Leaves but really disliked the fig seeds, absolutely hated Porridge (the most abrasive and drying soap I’ve ever used), thought Honey I Washed the Kids was ok, and I also tried some LE Christmas ones and thought they were rather mediocre. Needless to say, I’m not repurchasing any more of their soaps. What is your favorite indie soap line, Victoria?

    1. Yeah, I’m not that impressed. Now if one shows up in a gift set or something, I’ll use it but I’m not going out of my way to try any more of their soaps.

      Scentwise, I like many of the ones from Villainess, Arcana, Zolia Vera, Lia Naturals and Haus of Gloi.

      Etsy has some good ones too. I just make sure that they have lots of reviews. I like Soapalaya and Bubble Geek. There were others that I’ve bought from too, have to look at buying history but I remember one was in Florida and the other in South Carolina. Both of these lines had very moisturizing soaps.

      If you like glycerin based, check out Anu Essentials.

      The most accessible brand that I like is Pacifica. And Zum has some great holiday scents (I love their black licorice).

      Anyway, what I’m saying is that for $8 and under, I can get a bar soap that I like much better than LUSH’s!

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