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A Few e.l.f. Cosmetics Mini Reviews

I have been meaning to review a few e.l.f. cosmetics for ages now. They’ll never get done unless I clump them all together and “mini review” them.

e.l.f. cosmetics review

1. Essential Eyelid Primer in Nude PASS – (maybe a fail for oily lids) – This is the tiniest product ever. There is very little product in it. It’s life after opening is 12 months. I didn’t mind this primer. My lids are not oily. I like primers as “concealer” for my uneven lids. I recommend this for normal to dry lids. Retails for $1.

Product may be good for:

  • People with normal to dry lids.
  • Those looking for a very inexpensive primer.
  • Those that like primers with sponge tip applicators
  • Those that travel with their makeup. Packaging is very portable.
  • People who want a “concealer” for the lids.
Product may not be good for:
  • People with oily lids.
  • Those that dislike primers with sponge tip applicators.
  • Those with medium to dark skin tones. Shade could look ashy without the “right” eye makeup.

2. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer in SheerPASS –  This contains 3xs as much product as the Essential Primer but it’s life after opening is only 6 months! It’s exactly like the Essential. I can’t tell a difference. So read the review above. Retails for $3. Read above for pros and cons.

3. Studio Eyebrow Lifter and Filler in Ash/IvoryFAIL – This is a duel ended thick pencil. The color Ash is a nifty color. The formula is different than most eyebrow pencils. It feels almost like a Vaseline pencil. That sounds gross but it does keep brows in place while coloring them. I often use this pencil for vintage, authentic 1950’s looks. Thick Liz Taylor or Kim Novak brows. For some reason, brows were “sticky” like this. Now to the Ivory side. This is what ruins the product for me. This is like an e.l.f version of Benefit High Brow. Both products and the concept is useless. Use an eyeshadow. I find e.l.f.’s Ivory side completely terrible. It’s hard and tugs the skin and looks really bad since it’s impossible to blend. Retails for $3. Will I repurchase? Love the color of Ash but not the product. I’ll stick to Lancôme even if it is way more expensive.

Product may be good for:

  • Those looking for an inexpensive brow pencil.
  • People looking for a truly “ashy” brow pencil. Like I said, I love the shade.
  • Those with thick brows. The waxiness helps to tame thicker brows.
Product may not be for:
  • Those that like powdery or gel-like brow products. Read that as those that like a natural look.
  • Those with thinner brows that need filled in. This stuff will look unnatural.
  • Those wanting a product that does what it claims to do!

4. Studio Small Angled BrushPASS – This brush is like many that I buy at art stores. But, I still love this one. It’s cheaper than the art brushes that I was buying! I absolutely love this brush for applying lipstick. I can get such a precise line with this brush. When I wear red, bright or dark lipstick, I use this brush. It has withstood many washes too. Retails for $3.

Product may be good for: 

  • Those looking for an inexpensive or even a good small slanted all-purpose brush.
  • Those looking for a good and precise lip brush that really accents the cupid’s bow.

5. Studio Eyeshadow “C” BrushPASS – This brush has a cult following. I bought it. It’s very chunky and awkward for me to use for eye makeup looks. I think it’s meant for smoky eye makeup looks. I rarely do those, but I did use this brush the last time. Despite its huge size, I think it did very well for a basic smoky eye makeup look (which I rarely do). It has also survived many washes. Why I love it…I use it for contouring down the outside of my nose and down my nose. It’s perfect for that! Retails for $3.

Product may be good for:

  • Those looking for an inexpensive blending brush.
  • Those that wear a smoky eye frequently or need a good brush to create a smoky eye.
  • Those that need a good brush for precise contouring.

6. Studio Lip Balm SPF 15FAIL – 🙁 I have a history of SPF products for the lips burning the hell out of my lips. I can’t wear Chanel lipsticks or 90% of the lip balms that I have ever purchased. It’s very annoying but I feel like I’ll eventually find a lip product with SPF that won’t kill me. So, at this price I decided to give e.l.f.’s a try. It has a very strong and tingly mint flavor. This irritates my lips. And of course, the SPF does too. Not only is it painful but it left my lips rashy. So, I threw it in the trash. Not impressed with the heavy metal packaging. The lid never stayed on either. Retails for $3. Will I repurchase? Never.

Product may be good for: 

  • Those that like minty lip balms.
  • Those that want a lip balm under $5 with SPF.
Product may not be good for: 
  • Those with sensitive skin that don’t like minty lip products.

7. Essential All Over Color Stick in Apricot BeigePASS (if you aren’t acne prone, FAIL for acne prone skins) – This is basically a very old-fashioned grease paint stick. It’s super thick and pulls the skin. I use this as a concealer to cover up sun spots and severe under eye circles. I use a concealer brush so the product doesn’t pull my skin. I blend the concealer with a sponge. It covers as well as theatrical products. But, I image this is terrible for acne prone skins. And it’s thick and prone to creasing if you don’t set it. It also has an orange creamsicle fragrance that smells good but seems like a no-no for sensitive skins. This shade works nicely on me. I’m sure this is a terrible product for one’s skin but I really love it for covering up spots. I can’t imagine using this as foundation! Retails for $1.

Product may be good for:

  • Those looking for a full coverage concealer to conceal dark spots/age spots.
Product may not be good for: 
  • Those with oily or acne prone skins.
  • Those that are sensitive to cosmetics with a fragrance.
  • Those that want a softer, smoother, “easy to blend” concealer for areas like under eye.

Have you used any e.l.f. products before? Thoughts? Do you get what you pay for or do you get much more? Out of these, I really love the brushes the most. They seem much more expensive than what they are. The cosmetics in this review are <meh>. But, what did I expect for $1?! All products are available at e.l.f. Cosmetics.

*Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks! All products were purchased by me.

8 thoughts on “A Few e.l.f. Cosmetics Mini Reviews

  1. I hate lip products with SPF and mint flavoring too! They almost always make my lips burny, itchy and red, in some cases causing a rash that extends outside the lip line. Not cute. I’m always searching for lip balms with no SPF. Some that work for me are Aquaphor, Nude, Weleda Everon, and the new Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning.
    Elisa recently posted..The bluest eyes in Texas

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! I’m SO sick of wasting my money on lip balms that leave me with the inflamed alligator face. I have not tried Nude, Weleda or Burt’s Bees Ultra. I feel like I shouldn’t give up on SPF because I’m paranoid. For some reason the Clinique lipsticks with SPF don’t hurt me but all the others do. The Burt’s Lifeguard one didn’t hurt me but it left me with chalk lips. Oh, I tried Jouer Rose Balm or something like that. No burning! But, it leaves some glossiness that I don’t want most of the time.

  2. 😉 hehee it will be amazing when not everything I own is covered in brick dust. Good luck with yours too. 🙂

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