A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love EDP Perfume Review

A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love EDP


A Dozen Roses is a perfume line with each perfume featuring “100% rose absolute essence” that are exclusive the department store Neiman Marcus.

Shakespeare in Love opens as shampoo. It’s a squeaky clean white floral with pear. The pear’s juiciness is prominent in the opening; however, it’s in competition with nondescript white florals. It smells like a handful of opalescent drugstore shampoo but then transitions to a warm musk and a sharp, clean rose without shaking those squeaky clean white florals. The dry-down is the best part (well, in my opinion). It’s a sweeter jammy rose with vanilla musk.

I love the smell of clean hair but I’m not a fan of my fine fragrances smelling like a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Obviously, I’ve used  pear-floral scented hair products in the past…junior high to be exact. For me, this is a case of when a functional fragrance ruined certain notes for me. But, saying that…fragrance is my hobby and I’m not a perfumer or an industry insider but I feel like a gorgeous rose absolute was ruined by generic musks and pear. But, that’s only because that musk/white floral/pear combo reminds me of a functional fragrance.

Breck Girls

Notes listed include jasmine, gardenia, pear, creamy woods, vanilla, and rose absolute. Launched in 2011. PERFUMER – Lynn Emmolo

Give Shakespeare in Love a try if you like clean white floral scents or scents like Halle Berry Reveal the Passion, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, Katy Perry Meow, Britney Spears Curious, Victoria’s Secret Pear Glacé and/or Annick Goutal Rose Splendide. I think of Shakespeare in Love as a feminine fragrance that works in any season. And I hate to say it, but it smells sort of celeb-o-scent-ish.

Projection and longevity are average for an EDP. I can think of something nice to say: The bottle is really pretty.

The 3.4 oz EDP of Shakespeare in Love retails for $125 at B-Glowing.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA clean pear fruity-floral with warm musks, unfortunately reminds me of shampoo. I know this review comes across as negative. This really does remind me of a functional fragrance that I’ve used before. And because of that, I can’t say this perfume smells niche. Now if you haven’t had an experience with the same functional scent that I have, you may like it. And I mean, By Kilian Forbidden Games is one of these “clean hair” perfumes and people seem to like that one…

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*Disclaimer – Sample provided by PR for A Dozen Roses. I am not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are my own. Product pic from Fragrantica. Breck girl pic from Post contains an affiliate link. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “A Dozen Roses Shakespeare in Love EDP Perfume Review

  1. i will try this line one day, for sure… i think there’s one called Electron in this line which caught my attention awhile back.

    but my first thought is WHY would anyone ruin the glory of rose absolute with any synthetics whatsoever?

    least of all pear.

    i have functional fragrance phobia. in the sense that most functional fragrances are completely synthetic and tend to be engineered to mask any other aroma so they just end up a big cloud of synthetic citrus generic nothingness that will not go away.

    1. I’ve tried Electron. It’s like a cucumber melon version of this…gorgeous packaging though.

      That is my thought. One of the most beautiful things in the world paired with functional-ish synths. Why???

      I try my best to avoid functional stuff because of fragrance associations that happen. And the next thing you know, I’m now associating thyme with cleaning, so go figure. Functional fragrances do fascinate me because they’re like another realm. You have to have something that smell goods for a fraction of the cost PLUS not linger on dishes OR actually linger on laundry. It’s an entire different world.

  2. I’ll admit that I sampled this one because of the name. Such high hopes! Unfortunately, pear goes wonky on me so I can’t say that I really liked it. Oh well, that’s money for something else!

    1. Pear is not something I usually like. I have hopes that one day I’ll find something (I’m still optimistic) but so far nada!

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