A Dozen Roses Iced White EDP Perfume Review

A Dozen Roses Iced White

A Dozen Roses Iced White is a fruity-floral that smells naïve and innocent. Iced White isn’t marketed towards young people, but it should be. It seems to me to be a “starter fragrance”.

Iced White opens as  peachy peony. It actually smells “dainty” and like white petals. The peony is very prominent and it compliments “aquatic” peaches, melon and freshly sliced apples. Actually at this stage, it reminds me very much of Creed Spring Flower, the perfume that we are told that Audrey Hepburn wore. Iced White wears as freshly sliced fruits, peony and clean musk. There’s almost a “too ripe” black currant-ish note. The fruits ripen with time over the florals and musk. And then it all dries down to white musk and white musk and more white musk. You see why it is called Iced White.

Notes listed include white peony, white primrose, osmanthus, vanilla, white musk and rose absolute.

Give Iced White a try if you like sheer florals or perfumes like Creed Spring Flower, Fresh Pink Jasmine, Fresh Sake, Crazylibellule & The Poppies 26 Juin Île d’Yeu, and/or Alfred Sung Shi. Iced White is very feminine, but I find it “girly”.

Susanna Foster with kitten

I see Iced White as a good fragrance for younger crowd, like 12-18. Iced White smells pretty, petal-y and innocent. I’ve always thought of Creed Spring Flower as a wonderful “niece” gift/first perfume. However, Iced White is much more affordable. It’s a fairly simple fragrance, a good “starter” fragrance. It’s a fruity floral that doesn’t smell like it has a celebrity’s name on it. At the same time, it’s not too complicated. It just smells pretty and nice.

A 3.4 oz bottle of Iced White retails for $125 at B-Glowing. 

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA fruity peony, a more floral version of Creed Spring Flower. This is not a fragrance for “me” but it has a demographic. Does that demographic want to pay $125 for perfume? I don’t know.

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    1. I have the other samples. I’m not a floral person. Well, or at least I don’t consider myself a floral person. I need to spend more time with these. They didn’t hit me as “niche”.

    1. I don’t off the top of my head. I do think Humiecki & Graef made limited edition porcelain bottles. I didn’t see them in person but they took a very pretty picture.

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