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A Cosmetic & Fragrance 2010 Holiday Gift Guide for the Vintage Soul

Holiday 2010 Gift Guide for Vintage inspired gals

Here’s my Holiday 2010 gift guide for the vintage soul. You know, the type of gal that knows how to pin curl and brush them out, wears red lipstick daily, and has a bit of an Old Hollywood complex.  She wishes dressing gowns would à la mode and has always wanted her own boudoir. This gal is a real glamor, vintage at heart. She may have a degree in something boring, wear off-the-rack clothing, and have to clean her own bathroom, but she knows luxury. Here’s EauMG’s gift guide to vintage inspired cosmetics and fragrances:

1. Lulu Beauty Solid Perfume in Starlet –  This is a va-va-voom gardenia fragrance in a vintage inspired compact. This golden compact is housed in a faux cigarette box. This is such a cute gift that retails for $30. It’s available at Olivine. Here’s my review of the oil.

2. Shelley Kyle Linen & Body Powder in Sorella – Body powders are so very vintage in my mind. They’re almost a lost beauty product. Shelley Kyle Sorella is a decadent floral blend with tuberose, gardenia, violet, and rose. Decadent, huh? This powder can be used to freshen up linens or even as a hair powder. The large packaging retails for about $38. It can be purchased at Shelley Kyle.

3. Knockout Cosmetics Flatte Nail Polish in Karen – I admit that the matte finish makes this nail polish a bit unconventional, not very vintage. But, how can one not love the Art Deco inspired packaging? I love this bright red shade with a weird finish. It’s “modern vintage”. This nail polish retails for $19 and is available at

4. Besame Classic Color Lipstick – Vintage lovers adore the vintage accurate shades of Besame Lipsticks in 1940’s reproduction bullet shaped tubes. These are adorable and there are so many colors to love. My personal favorite is Carmine, the perfect semi-matte orange red. But, there are many reds to choose from,  one for every vintage loving gal. These retail for $22 and area available at Besame Cosmetics.

5. Smith’s Rosebud Salve Trio – This isn’t a “glam” gift but it is cute. Smith’s Rosebud Original Salve is my favorite lip balm. It can be used as a lip balm, cuticle cream, and even to set unruly brows. This cute kit contains Strawberry, Original, and Minted Rose all housed in an “antique” style tin. This trio retails for $16 and is available at Sephora.

6. Benefit Beauty Be-Bop Set – This kit is more for a person that adores vintage style but isn’t into the fuss. This set contains Some Kind of Gorgeous for Fair Complexions, High Beam (one of my favorite products), and a Ultra Shines Lip Shine in Back To The Fuchsia. I love Benefit’s retro packaging, especially the LP packaging of Some Kind of Gorgeous! This value set comes in a cute vintage purse shaped box. It retails for $60 and is available at Benefit.

7. Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP – This is a bit of a popular fragrance but I love it. It’s a rich, woodsy amber in a beautiful black Art Deco inspired bottle. It’s one that I like to  have out on my dresser. This bottle and fragrance is all about luxury. Many sizes are available. The 1.7 oz. retails for $95 and is available at Sephora.

8. Margarita Bloom Lola Strawberries & Champagne Bath Bliss Wash – Margarita Bloom is a company that really understands gals with a vintage soul because it is owned by one!  This shower gel has a fruity champagne scent and is such a cute bottle. It retails for $18 is available at Margarita Bloom’s on-line boutique.

9. D.L. & Co. Signature Candle Gift Set – Every woman wants this in their boudoir (you know the one they fantasize over)! This gift set contains 6 1 oz. candles in beautiful Art Deco inspired glass. Scents include Lady Rhubarb, Angel’s Trumpet, and Thorn Apple. These are all in a black fabric covered hat box. How luxurious! This set retails for $70 and is available at Candles Off Main.

10. Epically Epic Soap Mrs. Zebra Handmade Olive Oil Soap – OK, so this doesn’t obviously scream vintage. But, I love it! I do have a thing for animal prints! This soap Jayne Mansfield of soaps to me! It’s a visually pleasing striped soap with a clean White Tea & Ginger scent. Each bar retails for $5 and is available at Epically Epic Soap’s Etsy shop.

What do you think? I feel that one can never go wrong with classic fragrance by Chanel, Caron, Guerlain, or Dior. I also like the gift idea of matching lipstick and nail color. Revlon does that the best and they’re a very “retro” brand.

*Post contains a few affiliate links. Thanks!

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