A Beautiful Life Black Rose EDP Perfume Review

Rose Week 2012

Sometimes a perfume takes you to a place. Sometimes these places are “fantasy”: what you think a Tibetan temple smells like, what the inside of a 1920’s Chicago speakeasy smells like, etc. Sometimes a perfume takes you to a memory place. A Beautiful Life Black Rose is a memory fragrance for me. Upon first whiff, I’m transported to honky tonks on fall nights.

A Beautiful Life Black Rose

If you have ever visited Nashville for fun, I bet you’ve been on Broadway. It’s one of the cute places in town. It’s lined with shops, bars, and “historic” honky tonks. I always liked that part of town even though it was touristy, but I feel like the only thing Nashville had going for it was country music. Why be ashamed? Country Western is awesome.

Occasionally, when I was younger, we’d go out to honky tonks. In my late teens and early 20’s, I was a collector of vintage western wear and cowboy boots. I’d dress up and this would give me an excuse to be sooo Nashville even though I was sooo not Nashville. We’d go out and of course, be the only non-tourists out and they’d think we were adorable and want pictures with us becuase we were sooo Nashville (but not really). Somehow, this would always ended up with me being forced to dance with some drunken middle-aged tourist dressed like Garth Brooks circa 1996. It was all harmless and you’d get a PBR out of it. And then you’d leave and go to the “cool” places in town. Nobody would buy me a PBR there…

A Beautiful Life Black Rose perfume

ABL Black Rose smells just like the honky tonks. It smells like beat up wood floors, gently worn “dressy” cowboy boots, and tourist’s Avon after shave. The rose in this is clean. The leather if fairly new. And the base is a powdery, soft lavender amber-musk.

Notes listed include Bulgarian rose, leather, amber and musk.

Give Black Rose a try if you want soft, clean leather scent or if you like Givenchy Gentleman, Avon Wild Country, Guerlain Habit Rouge, and/or Etat Libre d’Orange Delicious Closet Queen. Black Rose is unisex but something about it is more masculine to me. It reminds me of popular men’s fragrances of the late 60’s-mid 70’s. Throwback.

Projection of this scent is below average. It wears closely to the skin OR I could be ansomic to some of the musks. It has average longevity.

A 2 oz bottle of Black Rose retails for $52 at A Beautiful Life.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONHonky tonk aftershave – clean rose, gently worn cowboy boots, and powdery lavender musks. It’s more of a memory scent for me than a personal scent.

*Disclaimer – Product provided by ABL. I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. My opinions are my own. Photos taken on my Victrola.

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    1. It’s simple but cool. It came in a bag and there was a nifty little concert ticket in it that had the notes on it! (Which I’ve lost, but trust me, it was cute).

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