A 2011 Robin’s Egg Blue Nail Color Guide

A sky blue nail color guide

I go in nail color phases like everyone. The latest fancy is robin’s egg blue. You know a blue that’s light, milky, reminds me of spring! I haven’t worn blue nail color like this in ages. Since Hard Candy was sold at Sephora, haha! But, really is there a color, in general, that people like more than robin’s egg blue? It seems to be a color that most people like from purses to home décor. It’s such a delicate and tranquil shade. It’s popularity never fades. It’s just likable. Here’s my guide to robin’s egg blue or sky blue or light blue or milky blue or pastel blue, whatever you wish to call them, nail colors. My guide contains a list of them in a variety of price points. If you know of any more, please share!

Budget Sky Blue Nail Colors (under $10): Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Savanna Blue is a light robin’s egg  blue with pretty pink shimmer. I love this name because in a proper Southern home, the porch ceilings are painted a shade of robin’s egg blue. It retails for $2.50. Hard Candy Just Nails Nail Polish in Sky, is the color that inspired this collection. This was one of my first “high end” nail purchases back in the day. This is a milky pale blue with just right amount of shimmer. These days this color retails for $5 at Wal-Mart. How times change! Zoya Nail Polish in Yummy is a brighter milky blue that works for most skintones because it is packed with more pigment. I really think this color is the best from this guide for medium to dark complexions. It retails for $7. Orly Nail Lacquer in Snowcone is a satin pale blue that retails for $7. I thought that entire Orly Spring Collection was awesome. I do love pastels. Essie Nail Polish in Barbados Blue is a light blue metallic frost. It retails for about $7. Piggy Polish Nail Lacquer in Tic Tac Toes is a light blue, verging on turquoise with blue and purple shimmer. It retails for $7.50. If you are looking for a light blue that is sheer and shimmery, there’s OPI Nail Color in Breathe Life that retails for about $8.  Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Havana Dreams is a beautiful milky blue with no shimmer. It retails for $9. Lex Cosmetics Nail Polish in Cayman Cabana is a light milky blue inspired by the colorful homes in the Caribbean. This nail polish retails for $10.

More Expensive Sky Blue Nail Colors (over $10): Indie line, A Beautiful Life Nail Lacquer in Vette is a perfect, shiny robin’s egg blue. It retails for $12. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Crown of Thorns is a light,  milky pastel blue that retails for $12.50. Butter London Nail Laquer in Victoriana is a little different than the other colors mentioned. This is a super pale blue with silver/smoke shimmer. It isn’t as “blue” more gray. The entire idea of it makes me happy (industrial revolution smog). It retails for $14.

I also want to add that Eyeko has 2 Nail Polishes that are beautiful but are labeled as Limited Edition (which is a bummer). It’s Pastel, a milky pale pastel blue, and Rain, a similar shade but with more grey. These retail for $5.50.

Obviously, I was on to something and didn’t realize it. Chanel has their $27 limited edition nail color, Riva from their Côte d’Azur color collection. I hope my little guide helps you get a similar look for much less money with products that aren’t limited edition.

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  1. What a great guide, especially since that is one of my favorite colors! I am busy taking notes for some nail polish shopping later today. Thanks! 🙂

    1. It’s one of my favorite colors too. I actually purchased some cute little dessert plates in this shades yesterday.

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