A 2010 Metallic Pewter Nail Color Guide

2010 Fall Pewter Nail ColorLike many people, I am craving metallic nail colors for fall. However, I’m craving more of a rustic pewter shade. You know a shiny silver dirtied by lead. That’s the color I like. I’ve been inspired by my home decor cravings: traditional, colonial, a little rough around the edges/rustic. Here’s a list or a guide of metallic pewter nail colors in a variety of price points:

Budget Pewter Nail Colors/Under $10: L.A. Girl Metal Nail Polish in Graphite is a darker dirty silver with tons of shimmer. It retails for about $4.  Revlon Nail Enamel in Steel Her Heart is a darker, tarnished pewter shade. It retails for under $4. Milani Nail Lacquer in Ms. Milani is a perfect pewter shimmer (meaning it’s rustic but classy enough for all environments) that retails for about $4. Manic Panic Claw Colors Nail Polish in Hell’s Bells is a smoky pewter metallic shade that retails for about $7. Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer in Silver Lining is a metallic medium silver. It retails for $7.50. Essie Nail Polish in Steel-Ing The Scene is a deeper pewter shimmer, a bit edgy. It retails for $8. OPI Nail Polish in Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a shimmery smoky pewter that is in the Swiss Collection. It retails for about $8. Sephora by OPI in Run With It (not pictured) is a gray shimmer that reminds me of abused antique pewter retails for $9.

More Expensive Pewter Nail Colors/Over $10: MAC Nail Lacquer in Nightfall is a mysterious deep (almost black) shimmery, liquid metal pewter. It retails for $13. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Snap (not pictured) is a perfect pewter shimmer (and I’m very irritated that I can’t find a pic). It retails for $14. Deborah Lippmann Nail Color in Marquee Moon is a medium silver with large silver glitter flakes. This is more of a polished pewter. It retails for $16.

I think my favorites out of this guide is Milani Nail Lacquer in Ms. Milani, Essie Nail Polish in Steel-Ing The Scene, and Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Snap. If you know of any more pewter nail colors, please share! I’m always on the hunt for new products, especially nail colors.

Reader recommendations:

less expensive: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Shining Moments, Insta-Dri in Metallic Momentum, X-Treme Wear in Gunmetal (my friend at work uses this one and it is beautiful). I also saw Petites in Twilight at the drugstore recently.

more expensive: Zoya in FreyaUrban Decay in Gunmetal

UPDATE: Post is older so some of these are no longer available.

15 thoughts on “A 2010 Metallic Pewter Nail Color Guide

  1. Oooh! I can add two new shades to this list! Both are limited edition: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength “Shining Moment” and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Metallic Momentum”. 🙂

    1. Thank you for adding! You are my becoming my nail color “pusher” 🙂
      I’m happy you added Sally Hansen, I’m finding that I love all of the Sally Hansen formulas, especially for the price. I’ll check these out.

    1. Milani has many fashion forward nail colors. They are up on the trends. They have a jade that I keep meaning to buy that looks like that one LE from Chanel.

  2. I have Gunmetal by Urban Decay, Gunmetal by Sally Hansen, & Freja by Zoya. I also like Silver Pearl by Dior. I have another old bottle of “Gunmetal,” but I don’t know what the brand is anymore. 😕 I’m really interested in finding one that looks like antique pewter, so thank you for this guide!

    1. Thanks for adding to the list 🙂 I had Urban Decay Gunmetal but I think I gave it away to one of my sisters. For some reason I always forget about Zoya!

  3. I love metallics. I love to metallics like these with red. Like pewter on the toes and red on figertips or vice versa.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to put this together! I love metallic nail colors and this gives me a place to start. I think I like the Milani the best.

    1. Sounds fun! Glad to know that this guide helps 🙂
      Pewter is such a flattering color. I love it, most definitely my favorite “metal”.

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