Thorn & Bloom Orange Blossom EDP Natural Perfume Review

Thorn & Bloom Orange Blossom

When most perfume enthusiasts think of orange blossoms, they think of big, feminine white florals or breezy, unisex eau de colognes come to mind. Usually orange blossoms are highlighted in such a way. These are the most popular “uses” of orange blossoms. There are a few exceptions, but I think for the most part, people think of syrupy white florals like Serge Lutens Fleurs d’Oranger or classic eau de colognes like 4711. Thorn & Bloom Orange Blossom is a different side of orange blossom… Continue reading | 2 Comments


LUSH Orange Blossom EDP Perfume Review

LUSH Orange Blossom

Some orange blossom perfumes are light and airy. Some orange blossom perfumes mingle with other white floral divas like tuberose and jasmine. And then sometimes you’ll find an orange blossom perfume that ins’t “light” but “dark”. LUSH Orange Blossom is one of these orange blossoms that could possibly have “noir” following its name.

Orange Blossom hits you upside the head with a honeyed, sharp orange blossom with rosewood (honestly, I  could live without the huge helping of rosewood in the opening). Orange Blossom is huge. It… Continue reading | 2 Comments

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LUSH Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream Review

LUSH Prince

I bought this LUSH shaving cream because I wanted to be as smooth as Prince. I’m lying. Only partially lying. I  bought it because I couldn’t resist the thought of “triple orange blossom”.

The formula: It contains fair trade cocoa butter to moisturize. It contains rosewater, almond oil and witch hazel to “leave your pores feeling clean and free of shaving debris”. You”re supposed to apply this and leave it on for 3-5 minutes before shaving. Shave and rinse razor frequently. Full list of ingredients… Continue reading | 6 Comments

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NEST Orange Blossom Candle Review

Nest Orange Blossom CandleComplaining about the weather in the Seattle area doesn’t help anything and I know that. You’ve heard me before and I’m going to say it again, I’m sick of it. This has been such a cool, foggy, and gloomy summer. Most of the U.S. is experiencing an inhumane heatwave, I don’t want this (and I really feel for you guys), but I do want some sunshine. NEST candles give me some sunshine. Yeah, it doesn’t give me my daily recommendation of Vitamin D, but it does provide… Continue reading | 6 Comments


C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Splash

C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Spray Review

In preperation for summer, I purchased C.O. Bigelow Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Splash on a whim. It was cheap, marked down, and I couldn’t resist. Sniffing it in the bottle, I thought it smelled good. Neroli isn’t an easy ingredient to mess up, right?

Here’s the deal. C.O. Bigelow didn’t mess up neroli. They didn’t mess up Lemon & Orange Blossom. It smells good. It’s a refreshing melody of tart citrus and citrus blossoms. I really do like it… Continue reading | 7 Comments