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NEST Peony Blanche Candle Review

Nest Peony Blanche candle

NEST Peony Blanche is a feminine, romantic fresh floral that isn’t cloying. It’s a big, beautiful, spring floral, a budding diva. For some reason, I imagine this is what a young pop star’s dressing rooms smell like ­čÖé

The scent is definitely floral with ozonic peony, sweet violet, and heady magnolia. There’s a little bit of watery melon to this that keeps Peony Blanche fresh. Usually florals like this are too cloying and heavy. Peony Blanche isn’t. NEST does a wonderful job with florals… Continue┬áreading | 11 Comments

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NEST Fragrances Bamboo Candle Review

Nest Bamboo Candle


I haven’t reviewed a NEST candle in a long time. In fact, Bamboo is one of my favorites and I could have sworn that I already have on EauMG, but I haven’t. So, here you go…

Bamboo is a fresh, lush floral. It’s wet greens and cool, dewy florals. It’s like lemon-hue lilies with wet green leaves. It’s cool, watery greens and luscious flowers.

I say this over and over but NEST really does amazing things with florals. Peony Blanche made me┬áfall… Continue┬áreading | 13 Comments

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NEST Sicilian Tangerine & White Narcisse Candle Review

OK, I’ve had a really busy Sunday organizing and cleaning, but I thought I’d post something anyway. Here’s my “mini reviews” of two home fragrances from NEST.

NEST Sicilian Tangerine

Sicilian Tangerine – Notes listed include Sicilian tangerine, bergamot, mango and passion fruit.

This is a very nice tropical fruit tangerine. I want it blended in ice with rum and brought to my poolside lounger STAT ­čśë

It’s a fresh citrus with a sweet, tropical mango and passion fruit that doesn’t remind me of Sicily but the… Continue┬áreading | 4 Comments

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NEST Pink Jasmine Candle Review

NEST Pink Jasmine

When it comes to home fragrance, I’m usually attracted to the warm, woodsy, incense type stuff. I like “cozy” home scents. This applies if it isn’t a NEST home fragrance. This line makes me a lover of floral home fragrances.

Pink Jasmine is a dewy blend of feminine, frou-frou florals. I pick up on the jasmine and peony over a delicate white musk. It really does smell “romantic”. It’s my boudoir fragrance. Like all NEST candles this one burns evenly and has amazing throw. The scent… Continue┬áreading

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NEST Sir Elton John Woodside Garden Candle Review

NEST Woodside Garden Candle

Out of all of the people in the world, I would imagine that Sir Elton John has one of the best gardens on the planet. I’ve always thought this. His flair for color, flash, and luxury makes me think that he would have the most amazing technicolor garden ever. And he has the money to keep his garden fabulous, growing whatever he fancies. ┬áThe NEST Woodside Garden candle is inspired by Elton’s favorite flowers from his floral gardens at Woodside in Old Windsor, England… Continue┬áreading | 2 Comments