YOSH Ginger Ciao EDP Perfume Review

YOSH Ginger Ciao EDP

Ginger Ciao is my favorite of the YOSH perfumes. I wore it to a Gaugin exhibit and I’ve loved it ever since.

Ginger Ciao opens as night blooming flowers in the middle of the night. Imagine a place that is dark and quiet; the only thing speaking is this fragrance. I get orange blossoms, ylang ylang and this stunning floral humidity. It’s rugged, slightly raw which in my mind makes it passionate. Somewhere in there you pick up on freshly grated ginger. It continues… Continue reading | 3 Comments


Warm Up With This Ginger Fragrance Guide


Mmmm, ginger. It has a great flavor and a great fragrance. This rhizome is spicy, warming, but still fresh, earthy, and a bit “green”. It is a note that works well in warmer climates and it is a note that does well in cooler weather. Now that the nights are getting cooler, I am more attracted to the “warmth” that ginger gives. Right now I am craving “spicy” ginger/gingerbread-ish scents. I know that in the middle of summer I’ll love some of those “green” ginger scents… Continue reading


EauMG’s Guide to Coconut Perfumes – Edition II

coconut perfume guide


It has been six years since I put together a guide of coconut perfumes. With so many launches (and so many discontinuations), there’s a need to update. This is my comprehensive list of 26 perfumes that are predominantly coconut or have a predominant coconut note. From coconut water to coconut cream, this guide should have you covered.

Coconut Perfumes

Under $75*

Auric Blends Black Coconut Perfume Oil – Here’s a cheapie that I recommended… Continue reading | 19 Comments


In the House – Brand Spotlight on aroma M Perfume

aroma M logo

In the House is a feature on EauMG. I’m collecting my experiences from years of perfume sampling and putting together a quick brand overview. There are so many perfume lines out there that it can be overwhelming. My goal with this is to quickly introduce people to niche and indie lines that may be of interest to them.

Who’s in the house? aroma M

Maria McElroy

The perfumer & founder: Maria McElroy

Here’s a great… Continue reading | 12 Comments


Olivine Amongst the Waves Perfume Oil Review

Olivine Amongst the Waves

The perfume market is filled with “beach” perfumes because people love beaches! The world is filled with diverse coastlines but the perfume market likes to focus on “tropical beaches” using notes of manoï or coconut. And why not? Tropical beaches are paradise! I like “beach” scents but I admit that I get bored with them. I only need one in my collection…or at least that was what I thought until I tried Olivine Amongst the Waves.

It’s not a secret that I’m a fan of Estee