4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside EDP Perfume Review

4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside

I was given a sample of this by a perfume pal, I knew nothing of the perfume and very little about the brand. I hadn’t read a note list or a story of inspiration. I sniffed it and thought, “Oh, he’s too old for you!” I immediately had an image of a 20 year old dating someone at least 3 decades older than them. It was a mix of “young” fragrances and the sort of fragrance that a guy wanting to pick up young people would wear. Is this a bad thing? Not really.

A Kiss by the Fireside opens as this old school masculine “cologne” of lavender, citrus and spice. It reminds me of aerosol shaving cream followed up with a few generous splashes of powdery musk aftershave. Your daddy cleans up nicely, his face shaved so smooth that you can now see the fine wrinkles you didn’t notice before, even in the candlelit night… The heart is a spiced rose with vetiver that makes me think of a younger person, a younger person wearing a niche perfume from a nice boutique, a gift they chose on a nice Saturday outing, most likely purchased by the older lover. AKbtF dries down to smoky woods and musk…here’s the fireside. It’s a tender embrace, a sweet jumble of old-fashioned masculine colognes, modern perfume and a crackling fire.

I’m always impressed when a perfume, without my knowing, actually reminds me of what the perfume was supposed to remind me of. I don’t know what sort of “kiss by a fireside” was intended, but I did get a kiss by a fireside. I sniffed it and “witnessed” two people wearing cream knitwear, kissing in front of a wood-burning fireplace with snow falling outside. I admit that my initial impression was too “judge-y” as I did initially think “he’s too old for you!” but as I wore it, I loosened up. There may be an age gap but they sure do make a sweet couple 😉


Notes listed include orange, lavender, cloves, guaiac wood, cardamom, rose, vetiver and musk. PERFUMER – Sarah McCartney

Give A Kiss by the Fireside a try if you like spicy, musky scents. Or Avon Wild Country, Phoenix Botanicals Lavender Noir, LUSH The Smell of Freedom, Rochas Tocade and/or Caron Nuit de Noel. A Kiss by the Fireside is unisex and something about the musk makes me think it leans more masculine.

Projection and longevity are average.

The 1.7 oz retails for $88 at Indie Scents. Samples are also available for purchase.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONA fireside scent with aromatics over musk. Personally,  don’t see myself wearing this; however, I can see it working for folks that tend to like those “Christmas”-y scents or classic masculine aromatics. It’s warm and cozy.

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*Sample given to me by a perfume pal. Product pic from Fragrantica. Fireside image from winedown,

5 thoughts on “4160 Tuesdays A Kiss by the Fireside EDP Perfume Review

    1. Haha, I was worried readers would think I have “sugar daddy” issues or something. I don’t! I really did “see” a couple when I first sniffed this. And they were by a fireside! Anyway, it’s a good scent for winter/Christmas.

      I really should try more from this brand, especially now that its available in the US. The prices are fair too, especially for niche.

  1. Victoria, I’ve told you this before but I just love your humor — it’s offbeat and intelligent and never cruel, which is why it’s so fun to read your reviews. Loved this one! This perfume sounds quite unusual but in a comfy and cool way. 🙂

    1. FYI – The perfumer said on Twitter that this perfume was a commissioned gift for a boyfriend to his (older) girlfriend. The more you know…I guess I was “off” 😉

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