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3 NEW Sarah Horowitz Artisan Collection Perfumes

Sarah Horowitz fragrances

Three new Sarah Horowitz perfumes are now available.

Wings & Roots: These scents were created by Sarah Horowitz  inspired by a poem her father used to recite to her as a child.

Wings EDP – This is described as a lush, tropical floral with notes of yuzu, pear, pikake, night-blooming jasmine, oud, oakmoss, orris, and Madagascar vanilla. This fragrance sounds very voluptuous and feminine. It retails for $60 for 1 ounce.

Roots EDP – This is described as a smoky woodsy unisex fragrance with notes of oud, oakmoss, orris, and Madagascar vanilla. By this list of notes, this seems like a perfume that I would love. Oud and vanilla? Sounds like I am in olfactory heaven. It retails for $80 for 1 ounce.

Belle Route: Created by master perfumer, Marlene Stang. This is a modern take on tuberose based on a scented soap from Florence.

Belle Route EDP – This is described as a floral with notes of tuberose, Mediterranean fig, sea moss, and oceanic musk. I am very intrigued by this fragrance since I haven’t met a fig I didn’t like. I usually don’t like aquatic fragrances but I can imagine aquatic notes mixing well with creamy, green fig. And I like the idea of a “soapy tuberose”. This retails for $60 for 1 ounce.

These three perfumes are only available at Indie Scents.

*Pic from Indie Scents

3 thoughts on “3 NEW Sarah Horowitz Artisan Collection Perfumes

  1. I am obsessed with Sarah Horowitz since I tried a sample of (I think) #3 from Lucky Scent. It was a violet and amber combination that sounds awful but was actually quite beautiful on. I can’t wait to give these a try, especially Belle Route.

    1. I never tried #3. I admit that the notes listed sound like a train wreck, but I trust you 🙂 I really like Joy Comes from Within, it was so “hand-crafted”. I have found that this line is very personal, feels very special. They are making perfumes and love doing it. You can tell.
      The more I think about Belle Route, the more I think I would like it. A clean tuberose with fig? That sounds like a staple. Actually, I really want to try all of these.

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