2 Natural Citrus Cologne Reviews – Parfums Lalun & Ayala Moriel

Today I’m focusing on two natural “eau de colognes” from two great indie natural perfume brands: Parfums Lalun and Ayala Moriel Parfums:


Lalun Acqua di Callitris


Notes listed include grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, silver fur, citruses, petitgrain, linden blossom, mimosa, jasmine, Australian blue cypress, vetiver and labdanum. Launched in 2012. PERFUMER – Maggie Mahboubian

Acqua di Callitris is Parfums Lalun interpretation of a classic eau de cologne. Being that it’s in the 90°’s, I have a desire to wear classic eau de colognes. If I could, I’d bathe in them but that isn’t really an opition.

Aqua di Callitris is a refreshing fragrance. It opens with bitter, green citrus and fresh garden herbs. What stands out the most on my skin is a bittersweet lime and crisp rosemary. This turns into lavender lemonade with a very subtle and understated citrus blossoms. The dry down is lemon-y resins and a lot of fresh, green vetiver. Overall, it’s a really refreshing herbaceous citrus with just the right about of invigorating bitterness/greenness.

Give Acqua di Callitris a try if you like citrus or “classic eau de colognes”. Or perfumes like Meulhens 4711, Guerlain Eau de Cologne Imperiale, Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina Extra Vieille, Malin + Goetz Petitgrain, Detaille Fleur, Myrugia 1916 and/or Tauer Cologne du Maghreb.

Being a natural citrus EDT, projection and longevity are below average. It’s inspired by traditional eau de colognes and it wears like a traditional eau de cologne. In this heat, I’m lucky to get 2 hours of wear from it.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONIced herbal lemonade. It’s a classic eau de cologne.

Ayala Moriel


Notes listed include etrog (citron), pomelo, Japanese mint, green myrtle, balsam poplar, honey, lemon myrtle, petitgrain, sweet myrrh, olive resin, ambergris and frankincense. Launched in 2012. PERFUMER – Ayala Moriel

Etrog is special because it’s built on collaborative tinctures of citron from the perfumer’s family and a Vancouver-based rabbi’s citron. (Hence, the nickname “Oy de Cologne”).  It’s made from materials that you won’t find in other perfumes. Unlike Acqua di Callitris, Etrog is a deeper, richer citrus. Honestly, I was expecting an effervescent citron fragrance. Instead, Etrog is like citron honey. It opens with a tangy, bitter grapefruit. It then becomes a mix of balsamic notes and a honeyed citron that reminds me of yuja-cha (a Korean citron tea that resembles marmalade).  The dry-down is like ancient resins used in incense. There’s still traces of lemon and citron well into the dry-down.

Etrog is a more somber, meditative citrus. It’s like “citrus incense”. It’s a citrus for the summer but I also see it easily transitioning into the cooler months with its resinous and balsamic notes.

Give Etrog a try if you like the idea of a honeyed citrus or “citrus incense”. Or if you like perfumes like DSH Perfumes Hand of Buddha, Annick Goutal Hadrien Absolu or Roxana Illuminated Perfumes Impromptu

Projection is below average (wears closely to the skin). Projection is above average for a natural citrus. I get about 4-5 hours of wear even in the summer heat.

Victoria’s Final EauPINIONCitrus incense. It’s like a “meditative eau de cologne”.


Grace Coddington


I loved sniffing both of these natural eau de colognes side by side. It’s really interesting to see what different things perfumer’s can create with similar ingredients. Both of these are refreshing citrus scents, but they’re so different!

The 1/2 oz EDT of Acqua di Callitris retails for $75 at Lalun Naturals. 

The 1/2 oz EDP of Etrog retails for $156 at Ayala Moriel.

What are some of your favorite eau de colognes?

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*Disclaimer – Samples provided by the brands. I am not financially compensated for my reviews. My opinions are my own. Product pic from the brand. Grace Coddington pic from flavorwire.

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