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1960’s Fashion – Get the Vintage Makeup Look of Britt Ekland

Britt Ekland 1966

I’ve been on a 60’s kick lately…but I always do that in the summer. I love a good campy, mod look. Here’s Britt Ekland on the cover of a 1966 Vogue looking absolutely stunning. Mod perfection. And before her Bond Girl fame.

FACE: There’s a nice dewiness to this look that I love. It “reads” as very modern. I applied Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream in Light Medium with my fingers. Under the eyes I applied MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20 (*note that applying concealer under the eye doesn’t make the eye makeup steps very easy, if you can avoid this step, avoid it). I took a powder brush and applied a dusting of Coty Airspun Powder in Neutral. And then I dusted Hourglass Ambient Lighting Finishing Powder in Diffused Light with a kabuki brush. On the cheeks I applied NARS Blush in Orgasm, a peachy pink.

EYES: I filled in brows with Rimmel Professional Brow Pencil in Dark Brown and then combed. For the eyeshadow I used Physician’s Formula Matte Collection Quad in Classic Nudes. I applied the lightest shade from lash line to brow. I then applied the darkest shade in the crease. I used the matte side of Shu Uemura Eye Light Pencil on the bottom waterline and also lined the top lash line. I wet a fine liner brush and applied Clinique Water-Resistant Eyeliner in Soft Black to the top lashline slightly winging out. I also used this to draw in bottom lashes. I curled lashes and applied Hourglass Film Noir to top lashes only. I then applied a strip of Ardell lashes.

1960's makeup tutorial

LIPS: I did a mix of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Creamsicle (a pale mod peach) and Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Just Peachy (this matte peachy nude shade).

If I had to pair this with a fragrance, I’d do Chanel Cristalle EDP.

I like the  look. I should have went longer with the bottom lashes but the concealer didn’t make that too easy. It amazes me that one can walk around with drawn on eyelashes and nobody says anything. I’ve learned that people never say anything so do whatever the hell you want.

Britt Ekland makeup

How has your week been? Any weekend plans? It’s been an uneventful week for me (which isn’t a bad thing). I’m on track with all of my projects which is an awesome feeling. Now that it’s light for a long time, I’m finding it difficult to go to sleep. I feel like I could like I could go non-stop…maybe that is why I’m on track!

This week I’ve been:

Reading – I just started “Jacob’s Folly” by Rebecca Miller (Arthur Miller’s gorgeous daughter). I went to this book reading in March and I’m just now getting around to reading this.

Eating/Drinking – I haven’t really felt that great this week and I haven’t felt like eating. Which is a big deal for a gourmand like myself! I’ve been living on cheap prosecco. (Geez, I should write an autobiographical essay with that title).

Watching – I re-watched “Serial Mom for the millionth time. I mean it has Patty Hearst, L7 and Kathleen Turner all in the same movie.

ListeningCibo Matto like it is 1997 or something.

Wearing – Mod liner and pale lips, a variation of the look in this post. I want mod hair that looks like a helmet in a Roger Vadim sci-fi flick. As far as fragrance, I’ve been craving heliotrope. And if it were up to me, I’d be covered in Jar Jarling but it’s not up to me. It’s up to my budget. So, I’ve been wearing Etro Heliotrope.

*Britt Ekland pic from Vogue. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “1960’s Fashion – Get the Vintage Makeup Look of Britt Ekland

  1. You look like Christina Hendricks in this picture! I love how your eyes look, but wonder if the people not saying anything about your makeup is a Pacific North West thing or not…? I really enjoy your makeup looks, because you transform your face so much with just basic makeup and techniques !

    1. Hey, I’ll take that compliment and run with it! I love Christina.

      I thought about that. It’s honestly probably a city thing. People don’t say too much to other people in urban areas. Anything goes. I appear clean and I’m not causing a ruckus. But, I have found that most people don’t say anything unless they’re family. Family members are always voicing their opinion! (Or maybe that is just mine, lol).

  2. I love this look, and am now considering whether I should consider peach lipstick. 🙂 It’s always been a no-go for me, but I think maybe the shade you’ve mixed might work.

    And I would definitely read an essay titled “Living on Cheap Prosecco”!

    1. That Revlon Creamsicle doesn’t work by itself on me…too pale but it does work well with peachy peaches 🙂

        1. I have seen it on some blogs swatched or on lips and it looks good. But, not with my complexion. It’s good for lightening things up a bit.

  3. Victoria, this look is so beautiful! There is something very “ingenue” about it on you, where it does look rather more camp on Britt Ekland. Maybe the difference is that yours is a modern interpretation, but to be quite honest, I think you are far and away more pretty than her. (I say that not trying to knock her … from time to time I still enjoy listening to her sexy French boudoir talk on Rod Stewart’s “Tonight’s the Night”). 😀

    1. I don’t feel this was “her” look. I’ve seen her appear more comfortable when styled differently. She’s a gorgeous woman, I’m sure she inspired lots of nose jobs…

      And oh, yeah, she was one glamorous groupie.

      1. It’s funny – I felt like emailing you yesterday to say, “Oh please don’t publish that comment I made,” because right after I made it, I hopped on Google images to look at more Britt Ekland photos. And quickly realized that she couldn’t have been more stunningly beautiful and sexy! Especially in the photos where her hair is straight and her look is more natural, like those pool shots with Rod. I guess she just doesn’t look pretty to me in this Vogue photo, and I can’t really put my finger on why.

        1. I don’t think anyone will take your comment as mean. I think it’s a great observation and I’m glad you brought it up. She lacks the “wow” here because it’s not her. You can tell she’s uncomfortable especially after you look at her in pics with Rod by the pool or just relaxing with friends. I think in a unstaged environment her beauty shines and then it’s like “wow, somebody that symmetrical actually exists!” Some people are editorial types, some aren’t. I think Britt shines when she’s “candid”.

  4. Your take on this look is just lovely, and I like your hair…mine is about the same colour(cyan-ish) just allover. Ever see the original film Wickerman? Britt E. was in it, one of my favourite movies!

    1. Thanks.
      I bet your hair is gorgeous 🙂 I ended up getting it chopped off in a flapper, Sassoon box bob on Friday. It makes it tempting to do my entire head in the cyan shade.

      Yes, she was great! And of course, that’s a great movie, epic, really.

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