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1960’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Ann-Margret

Ann-Margret 1967

Ann-Margret said it best in her autobiography, that she had to go from “Little Miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee”. It’s true. Ann-Margret had to play the girl next door and then quickly change into sex kitten. She’s an icon of the 1960’s. Actually one of my favorite “camp” icons because she had to play all of those stereotypical female roles. This pic above was taken in 1967, during her Vegas days. Fun fact – the same hairdresser that made Lucille Ball a redhead made Ann-Margret a redhead too.

FACE: I applied Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation in 02 Beige Claire. I need concealer under the eyes so I applied Neutrogena Healthy Skin Concealer in Fair. In true 60’s fashion, the complexion is matte. I applied Coty Airspun Powder in Neutral with a Caron Powder Puff. With a fan brush, I applied NARS Blush in Desire, a matte hot pink, high on the cheekbones.

EYES: Brows are actually pretty messy which I like here. I filled in brows with Sephora Collection Brow Kit in Honey Blonde using the darkest powder and then set it with the wax. For the shadow I’m using L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad in Cupa Joe. I applied the light beige shade from lashes to brows as a “foundation”. I took the 2nd to darkest shade ( a warm matte brown) and applied to the lid winging up and out to create a straight line. I took the darkest shade in the quad and lined my lower lash line and smudged with my fingers. With a fine liner brush, I applied Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink to the top lash line. I did not wing out the liner for a cat eye look.  I curled lashes and applied a few coats of Houglass Film Noir Mascara to top and bottom lashes. I then applied Ardell DuraLashes in Bold.

LIPS: Lips are exaggerated. I applied Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Wild Clover, a natural mauve (and my favorite line of all time), over the my natural lip line. I applied Clinique Long Last Lipstick in All Heart, a coral-pink with gold shimmer. I applied Sunday Riley Crème Gloss in Antique Honey, a bronzed rose shimmer.

1960's makeup tutorial

Now make a sexy face and laugh at yourself. I am not Ann-Margret. I do not have that gaze down. It makes me laugh.

I want to pair this look with a gingery fragrance like Annick Goutal Mandragore. It’s a good fragrance for summer.

Note that my pic is pulling more blue (or at least on my monitor). In real life the lippie looks very much like Ann-Margret’s in the pic, much warmer and NOT pink. And my hair wasn’t minding me at all.

Ann-Margret Makeup

How has your week been? I’ve been catching up from being in Nashville last week. The weather has been fab in Seattle and it’s making it difficult for me to concentrate. But, you know, I’ve learned that I’m not happy unless I’m working my ass off.

This week I’ve been:

Reading“Cha-Ching” by Ali Liebegott – I really enjoyed reading this book, a queer beatnik tale of trying to find your way in this crazy mixed-up materialistic world. This is the sort of book I’d write but with less gambling, well, maybe more BINGO. But, for sure less doughnuts.

Eating/Drinking – Coon shrimp from my favorite shrimp monger and stir-fried pea vines from my favorite pea monger.

Watching – “The Kings of Summer” – It’s a really cute coming of age story that handles masculinity in a sensitive, caring way. I did not like the bunny scene but it fit with the story. I also didn’t like how the comedic “queer” friend was treated in the plot but it’s still a cute movie. I mean, it made me laugh and think. It’s in theaters now in case you don’t want to see sci-fi or flappers swinging about to Jay-Z and Beyonce.

ListeningTubeway Army and Gary Numan because I crave synths like carbs.

Wearing – I’ve been so busy that I don’t care. A few days this week I forgot to wear perfume. A few days this week, all I’ve worn is lipstick. I’ve been wearing HEELEY Sel Marin and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute. Wearing purple lipstick seems like a good idea right now. And I have a new pair of black Birkenstock Athen that I had shipped in from Germany. They hurt my feet.

Have a great weekend!

*Ann-Margret pic from Others are mine. Post contains affiliate links. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “1960’s Fashion – Get the Makeup Look of Ann-Margret

  1. Victoria, I think you recreated the look of Ann Margaret really well. I think the biggest difference, as you noted, is the gaze. With her lips slightly parted and the camera angled such that she is looking up, she looks like she’s really engaged with the camera and posing a question. Some kind of sex-kittenish question for sure. 🙂 “Gotta light?” I can hear her purr.

    I liked your list of what you’re reading, seeing, etc. Will check out the book you mentioned – it sounds great. As for films, I haven’t seen the new Gatsby yet, and even though I’ve read reviews that say it’s not that great, I’d like to see it, so maybe will do that this weekend.

    1. Oh, Ann-Margret was schooled in that gaze! She probably has it trademarked. Me on the other hand, nope. Burst out laughing when I saw the pic of myself.

      I’m debating Gatsby. I mean I already know how it ends 😉 But when you see such reviews you just want to go to form your own opinion. And I bet it’s really pretty. Anna Karenina that came out last winter was a visual feast and I enjoyed that.

  2. Hi Victoria –

    I loves me some Ann Margret. I just finished the beginnings of a dance piece using all Ann Margret music – she really is all “camp” – all the time. I’ve been asked to expand the piece this Fall, so I will be wanting to dive into her Autobiography at some point….do you have any other suggestions for reading about Ms. Margret? Also (if you’re comfortable…) send me a more privet email address and I’ll send you a link to the piece – I think you’d like it….

    I meant to comment earlier about your mention of the Phoenicia line (but I’ve been sooooo dang busy) – but I am desperate to read your thoughts about Skin Graft – I’m looking forward to your review. I’ll be heading to Seattle in August, and DEFINITELY want to try David’s line!


    1. OMG. I will email you. I really, really want to see this. People joke with me that they don’t take me dancing because I come out like stoned Elvis in Viva Las Vegas, do the finger pointing and everything. If only I were more like Ann-Margret!!!

      You have to read the autobiography. AND there are lots of great interviews with her that are on Youtube now.

      August is the best time to visit Seattle IMO. If you need any perfume shopping suggestions, let me know. (You live in a great place for shopping, but we do have some locals). Oh, I tried a new one that he will be launching soon last night. It is perfection. I said, “please don’t change a thing”. It reminded me of nylon stockings, WD-40, bitch face florals and Jovan musk. Genius.

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