Alchemologie Foret de la Mer Natural Perfume Review

Alchemologie Foret de la Mer

One of the things that I’m missing about Washington, now that it’s summer, is the lavender. This is the time of year that we’d go up the Olympic peninsula and sniff lavender in the rain shadow. Weekends of acres and acres of lavender, warm pleasant weather with a salt water breeze. It was a summer ritual and now I miss it. However, when I tried the newest release from natural indie line Alchemologie, I’m a little closer to this summer ritual. Foret de la Mer… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Olympic Orchids Kingston Ferry EDP Perfume Review

Olympic Orchids


Let me start this review with the fact that I know exactly what the Kingston Ferry terminal smells like; I’m all too familiar with PNW ferries. And before I even heard about Olympic Orchids and many other indie perfume brands, I had fantasized about having a perfume that smelled like ferry terminals (and oddly I’ve always thought Dior Fahrenheit smells sort of like the Seattle Ferry terminal).

Kingston Ferry opens with something like motor oil and really dry woods. The flowers and plants in this fragrance are… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Phoenicia Far NWest EDP Perfume Review

Phoenicia Far NWest

From the brand that brought you my favorite perfume of 2013, we now have a perfume with skunk essence. Seriously. Phoenicia Far NWest is a perfume inspired by the perfumer’s olfactory memories of driving through the Olympic Rainforest in an old Rambler. And yes, it has skunk essence but before you jump to any hasty judgements, continue reading my review.

The opening of Far NWest  is surreal. It’s like new tires sliding over a frozen-over pond. It’s mentholated rubber. The evergreens are… Continue reading | 10 Comments


EauMG’s Smell Diary – July & August 2013

July – Sickness, seances and seaweed. July sucked so hard that my neighbor thought I was dead and there was a wellness check. This is all you need to know about July.

August 1stDowntown – It’s a dreary reminder of late fall: cool winds, rustling leaves and micro-mist coating 3/4 sleeves. It even smells like autumn. Persian was planned. I go home and chop up mint and parsley but I’d rather be smelling the aroma of a spiced pumpkin pie.

August 2ndDowntown – Low gray skies contrast full, green trees. Cool winds and chilly… Continue reading | 11 Comments


420 Edition – EauMG’s Marijuana Perfume Guide

Marijuana perfumes

Due to a new release and I guess general boredom that journalist feel during late summer, I’ve been hearing lots about a new perfume with a marijuana accord. This has inspired me to create a guide to perfumes inspired by marijuana and those that proudly display Mary J as an accord.

My guide comes right in time with the 22nd annual Hempfest held in Seattle. But, this year will be wackier than ever (or that’s my predication). As it’s now “legal” since Washington state… Continue reading | 19 Comments