Boxwalla April Food Box Review

Boxwalla Food Box

I’m trying something different. This is a review of a food subscription box. In the past I have reviewed Boxwalla Beauty Boxes. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Boxwalla has four different boxes and Food is one of them.

I have never subscribed to a food box like this before. I’ve been tempted but I have always lived in areas that have access to well, everything. So, I’ve talked myself out of these sort of services because I didn’t really know what they could offer me… Continue reading | 4 Comments

EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Guide


Every year I complain about putting together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide even though I usually enjoy the “gift guide” portion of blogging. There’s a few reasons I dislike it¹ but the biggest one is that it’s intimidating. How can I put together a guide that is supposed to appeal to women of child-bearing age and beyond? Excluding the age differences alone, women are diverse with diverse interests. I have to remind myself that EauMG is primarily a perfume blog so I try to appeal… Continue reading | 6 Comments

EauMG’s February 2016 Favorites

Time's Square

Blade Runner Times Square at Midnight.

February is always a hard month for me. It’s the month where I get fed up with everything from the weather to my life, etc. I’m in a pact where I’m not allowed to do anything drastic in February (like get a divorce, quit a job, move or get a pet). Luckily, it’s the shortest month of the year. And luckily, I didn’t do anything “crazy”.

Most of the month was spent with this crud… Continue reading | 12 Comments

Jolie Laide Masculin Féminin & Cléo de 5 à 7 EDP Perfume Reviews

Jolie Laide Masculin Feminin

Jolie Laide is a natural perfume line that find its inspiration in French New Wave cinema. From the names, you can tell which ones are inspired by which film.

Back in my undergraduate days, I hosted La Nouvelle Vague showings. The viewers that didn’t fall asleep would often be hyper-focused (probably because of reefer but whatever). I found the hyper-focused viewers to be more entertaining than the films themselves. This may have been because I had watched them too many times, but really it was because… Continue reading

EauMG’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Natural Beauties

2015 Holiday Gift Guide


I’m continuing with my holiday gift guides this week. Here’s my annual Gift Guide for Natural Beauties. This is my guide that contains a variety of products for those on your list that appreciate naturally beautiful products.


natural products gift guide


1. Amayori The Snow Ritual Complete Collection – I first tried Amayori natural bath products this year. It’s an aromatherapy brand inspired by Japan. This is… Continue reading | 11 Comments