EauMG’s Smell Diary – March 2013

March 1stDowntown – Orange blossom! The elevator smells of Arquiste Infanta y Flor. Someone in this building has wonderful tastes and probably shops at Barneys. Someone other than me…

March 2ndDowntown – Shopping and perfume sniff-a-thon. There are so many pitiful things that make the final cut. Stop with the pointless releases of things that smell like some pointless thing released 5 years ago.

March 3rdRedmond – First time I’ve ever been here and I’m not missing a thing. The smell of cheap vanilla candle wax

The Lipstick League – Week of 3/18/13

Peggy Hopkins

The Lipstick League – week of 3.18.13

Question of the Week – Describe your everyday, go-to makeup look.

EauMG’s Answer: I usually wear a dewy, sheer foundation paired with a pretty pink cream blush. My eye makeup is usually matte neutrals with maybe a glimmery highlight under the brows, eyeliner on top lashes and a few coats of mascara. I use clear gel on my brows to keep them in place. My look isn’t complete until I put on the lipstick. Most of the time

EauMG’s Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide

Elizabeth Taylor with Son

I admit that I like to make gift guides for people that like buying perfumes and products in pretty packaging. I also like to make glamorous gift guides. This is my Mother’s Day 2012 Gift Guide for the mom’s of people that love to buy perfume.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Guerlain & Emilio Pucci Powder Brush – I couldn’t resist this limited edition summer collection by Guerlain and Pucci, two of my favorite… Continue reading | 16 Comments

Sonoma Scent Studio Voile de Violette EDP Perfume Review

Sonoma Scent Studio Voile de Violette EDP

Sonoma Scent Studio Voile de Violette is a violet soliflore inspired by an old bottle of perfume owned by the perfumer when she was a little girl. I have a similar perfume memory. One of the earliest perfumes that I “played” with as a young girl was an unlabeled violet perfume in a dainty miniature bottle.

Voile de Violette opens with a flirty violet-raspberry syrup with greens. What I immediately notice with this violet soliflore is that it is bigger and richer and… Continue reading | 9 Comments

Soivohle Lilas et Narcissus EDT Fragrance Review

Soivohle Lilas et Narcissus was launched this spring. And it’s very much a playful spring floral with lilac, violets, and strawberries.

Marjorie Woodworth

Lilas et Narcissus is such a delicate, pretty fragrance. I get a lovely powdered violet with a juicy strawberry. Heady, honeyed spring florals are present. It’s lilac, and yes, it’s white lilac. I also get violet and strawberry. I never knew that I liked strawberry in fragrance until I tried Lilas et Narcissus. It’s a very playful element. The scent gets slightly headier with time. I… Continue reading