PurErb Brightening Cleansing Bar Review

PurErb Brightening Cleansing Bar

PurErb is a Southern California based herbal skincare and aromatherapy brand. They specialize in Meridian facial massage¹.

I’m trying out and reviewing their Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar:

The claims: This all-natural bar soap is said to “lift impurities, brighten dull skin, reduce hyper-pigmentation while boosting alertness”. It’s a bar soap with 38 different plant extracts, over two dozen said to “brighten the complexion”. Also, it was developed by a “respected Korean Master Monk”.

The scent/appearance: It’s not much to look at. It’s a disc with… Continue reading | 4 Comments

The Lipstick League – Week of 8.8.16

Kristen Stewart Fall 2016 Chanel

All about this Chanel collection.

The Lipstick League – week of 8.8.16

Question of the Week: Do you use cotton pads at any point in your skincare routine? If yes, do you have a favorite brand or type?

EauMG’s Answer: Long ago when I was a broke college student that worked as a shop girl, I used to laugh at the women that came in and bought expensive cotton pads from Shiseido or Clé de Peau. Didn’t they know they could

EauMG’s May 2016 Favorites



How is already June? This was compounded by my birthday. The older we get, the more time disorients us. I spent the first part of the month overly conscious of mortality and frankly, indulging in a pity party…more like a pity gala being more emo than 13 year old shopping at Hot Topic. We spent a weekend up in the Catskills (David’s birthday follows mine by ten days). This isolation, babbling brook and hot tub crashed my pity party. This was much needed.

The rest of the… Continue reading | 4 Comments

EauMG’s May 2016 Empties

EauMG's May 2016 Empties


May was one of those months that flew on by. I can’t believe it’s already June!

As far as purchases, it was my birthday (month) and I went overboard. I bought La Prairie Light Fantastic Concealing Treatment and Armour Lip Gloss in Candy (an opaque lavender named after Candy Darling). I impulsed bought some cheap crazy color lipsticks at a hair supply store. I bought more crazy colors with Inglot Freedom System Lipsticks in a variation… Continue reading | 19 Comments

EauMG’s March 2016 Empties

March '16 Empties

March was such a stressful month for me. Between illnesses and family emergencies, I was left frazzled. So, I did what many of us would do.  I retailed therapy.

I ended up buying Serge Lutens La Vierge de Fer and NARS Tinted Moisturizer for spring (and I love them both).

At Epcot, I bought some French stuff (mainly soaps). And they were on sale. Something was actually on sale at Disney?!

Later in the month, I bought