Olfactif Perfume Subscription Program Review & A Fragrance Freebie!


I know that you guys want this. I have gotten asked about this before. I thought about starting something like this myself but hey, I got busy with all my other stuff. Anyways, it’s here because great minds think alike. And I’m so happy that a great mind did this! Olfactif is a monthly perfume subscription program that sends 3 niche or indie perfume samples to your door. Awesome, huh?

Olfactif box

outside box

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Weekly World Fumes: March 28th, 2013

Weekly World Fumes: March 28th, 2013

Celeb Gossip:

It’s an Easter weekend miracle, I don’t have any celeb gossip!!!

Yves Rocher Neroli

New Launches:

Indie perfume line, D.S. & Durga, has paired up with the color-blocking abusing clothing retailer, J.Crew, to launch Homesteader’s Cologne. Homesteaders are the last thing I think about when I think of J.Crew. And it’s inspired by Big Sur containing notes of eucalyptus, sage brush and kelp.

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EauMG in NYC – Elements January 2013 – Recap & Trends

Elements 2013

While I was in NYC last week, I visited the Elements Showcase, a fragrance and beauty tradeshow held biannually. I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I’m an experiencer which doesn’t make me a great journalist. I get lost in sniffing and conversation and often forget to take pictures. When I did take pictures, they came out merely decent. Talk my husband into buying me a rad camera, OK.

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The 2012 List – Best & Worst Perfumes

2012 has been an insanely busy year for me. I’ve made some rather “big”, perhaps even drastic changes in my life and I’ve had a huge shift of priorities. This year has been a contemplative one for me. I’ve always said that half the problem with life is figuring out what you want. 2012 has been the year where I’ve realized what I want. 2013 is the year it happens.

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