Blooming Dream Herb Garden & Love Bird EDP Natural Perfume Reviews

Blooming Dream is an all-natural line of perfumes based in Portland, Oregon. The perfumes are inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with some of the perfumes’ ingredients coming from the perfumer’s own garden. It’s like “farm to vanity” perfumery.

I’m reviewing two of the perfumes that are available in the organic alcohol-based EDP Collection.

Blooming Dream Herb Garden


Herb Garden with notes of hidcote pink lavender (my favorite), mandarin, sunflower, mimosa, tarragon, ginger lily, olive, zdravets, saffron, vanilla, patchouli  and bay. PERFUMER – Suzinn Weiss… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Exotic Island Perfumer Flor Azteca EDP Perfume Review

Exotic Island Perfumer

I keep saying this, but more perfumers and perfume houses should be making perfumes inspired by Mexico. Mexico is a diverse, gorgeous country with a rich history, art, mythology and breathtaking fauna. Everyone wants to use notes that come from Mexico (vanilla, cocoa, frangipani), but there aren’t many perfumes that truly honor Mexico¹. My favorite perfume inspired by Mexico is Exotic Island Perfumer Flor Azteca.

Flor Azteca is a really interesting tuberose. The opening is fiery with red pepper, fresh ginger and dry cinnamon. The tuberose… Continue reading | 7 Comments


Raw Spice Bar Subscription Overview & A Review

Raw Spice Bar

Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription program that sends small spice packs with a regional theme. You also receive recipes that show you how to use your spice blends.

This isn’t really “perfume” related but I think it applies to Perfume People. We tend to appreciate flavors as much as we do scents. Also, food, drinks and spices could easily be considered my “other hobby”. I included this subscription in my 2015 Gift Guide for Natural Beauties and there was an interest, so I thought I’d… Continue reading | 2 Comments


Ayala Moriel Parfums Zangvil EDP Natural Perfume Review

Ayala Moriel Zangvil

This is my first time every living in a place with distinct seasons. Labor Day happened and it was like a switch was flipped. After months of hot, humid days, it suddenly became milder. It’s not abusive to go outside. There’s a mild breeze, a warm sunny glow and the tree just out the window is covered in ripe apples. And with that change, I want to start thinking about “autumn” perfumes. Ayala Moriel Zangvil is the perfect type of perfume for these early autumn/late summer days.

Zangvil… Continue reading | 4 Comments


Aether Arts Ginger Rose Perfume Review

Aether Arts Ginger Rose

Rose Week 2015

Aether Arts Ginger Rose is an indie perfume inspired by vintage beauties. It’s a 1940’s style aldehydic floral inspired by a fictional beauty, Miss Ginger Rose. The perfumer says, “The perfume took on a personality as it came together. I could see her in my mind’s eye: Miss Ginger Rose, an up-and-coming new starlet; or maybe a beautiful debutante, the darling of the society page. Who will you be when you wear Ginger Rose?”

Ginger Rose opens as a spicy ginger with… Continue reading